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Locked Admin Application For NideZE


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I am Andrew C. aka [X] Lead Defender Of Nide ZE, My steam ID Is STEAM_1:0:445413077 I Am English, My Home State Is MA I am 29 Years Old Still Pure And I Get A Hard On For Killing Zombies And Defending My Team. I Am Applying For Admin To Keep The Server Alive And My Team From Losing To Cheaters And Assholes, I Was Once Admin For IBIS About 2 1/2 Years Ago When I Decided To Give Up Because IBIS Went Dead And Is No More Of A Server Or Forum. My Reason For Creating This Application Is To Be A Responsible Admin Obay The Rules So I Also Could Teach Others Who Apply To Do The Right Thing If They Are Responsible Enough To Be An Admin For Nide ZE. I Have Been Playing CSS From June 2014 For The Last 5 Years Soon To Be 6 Years On June 1 2020 I Have Been A Nide ZE Gamer For The Last 3 Years And Will Still Be A Nide ZE Gamer Even If I Am Not An Admin. Thank You For Under Standing And Hope We Could Come To An Agreement In The Future.

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