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my name is yens vu and i'am 21years old

My discordname is: Yenskoo#9342


i played steam since i was 15 years old but now i am on a new account 🙂

I think you should have me as server admin because i am real with everyone I make no distinction. i am here for the fun but if there are people not following the rules ill warn them and if they dont stop after that it will have consequences.

i was never be able to become admin but i do know what u can and what  u cant do when you are a admin.

i most likely play 5-6 hours on a day mostly at the evening because i work from 08h-16h

when there is a player being suspicious about using hacks like aimbot i will spectate him first before i take action. i will ask him affter i spectate him if he use hacks if he do so i will ask him nicely to put them off if he dont do that i 

will need to ban him for a couple hours 

i am hyped to join the admin server team!

regards yens.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

It's nice that you want to become an admin, but I'm going to have to close this thread as mainly it doesn't follow our format.

Please remake your application following the template in the post above, then we can consider it.

Thread locked

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