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Закрыто Reporting for russian admin


Рекомендуемые сообщения

1: Your own ingame name: Dark.

2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:761424616

3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Masteryxxx

4: What server did it happen on: Zombie Revival

5: What map: runeris dream

6: Time and date: 9/18 12:10 PM

7: Explain the situation: Well, i was camping in spot, player called, Marixayna came and nade 4 times my props, i asked masteryxxx to slay him and he didn't do anything, he complete the russian fu**ing conversation with marixayna and he didn't do his job AS ADMIN SERVER 

8: Proof: This is not the first time he did  this, he did it 3 times before i gave him a chance, but he did it again so that enough FOR ME!

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  • CS:S ZR Lead Server Admin

Hello Dark.

Thank you for the report.
We will talk with Masteryxxx and we will give him a warn about it and for make sure that won't happen again, also will be better next time to put demos/links etc. about any report as written in the steps for reporting.

Best Regards ZR LSA.

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