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Locked Admin Abuse,straight up lying ,making up facts,


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1: My ingame nameDimass19977991
2: My SteamID[U:1:1143852293]
3: Name of the admin(s) involvedMidknight
4: What server did it happen onZombie Escape ● NiDE.GG ● Rank|FastDL|SSD
5: Map: ze_dangerous_waters_v1a

6: Time and date2023-11-07 00:19:34
7: Explanation of the situation:

I was afk for 5-10 minutes and when I came back to the server I was immediately banned for no reason, i did not have a chance to even play but I was banned immediately.  I think as soon as he saw me logged into the game he just banned me, also he lied and was very manipulative to the point where he accused me of " Inflating and attempting to knife to grief rounds" even though I just connected to the server , and I was a zombie respawn.



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  • Server Admin

Hello Dimass

Let me clear the situation for you. The reason you were banned for inflating and attempting to knife to grief rounds. On 666_crazy_escape you jumped to zombies and try to knife and inflate, become zombie, which i saw during the actual round too, but didnt act on as it couldve been accident. after the map, i went to watch the demo and had a briefing with Hobgoblin and we decided a ban is appropriate as you tried to inflate and knife and you have a big history of inflating before too and knifing on maps that YOU dont specifically like.

Besides this report, you also have a big tendency to knife/inflate on maps that you dont like, and ive seen this going on for a pretty long time, even before i was admin, and alot recently too, aiming for ppl to rtv the map and go atix, also yelling over the leader(s) that are leading some maps during voting and telling ppl to rtv event maps. If youre gonna keep up this kind of behaviour, where you inflate and knife, dont be surprised to be banned for longer times in the future.

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Your behavior, to me, on the server is down right disrespectful and unwarranted. I get it, we all have our favorite maps, but 24/7 spamming and toxicity towards others who don't support your favorite map isn't something we want to see here on NiDE. Now that that's out of the way lets take a look at this ban you just received. Pushing my personal opinion on you aside, as all admins do, lets start by analyzing your behavior before the ban. You seem to have kept up your usual shtick of spamming for atix before later going ahead and trying to knife zombies all around. Let me make this clear to you, not all maps have KNIFE MODE enabled. Please do not proceed to knife out on zombies and compromise your team's defenses due to irrational knifing. Now that you understand that knifing on 99% of maps on purpose is a not allowed, lets take a look at your history. You have a few kban's under your belt so you should know by now that knifing is a no-no. Given that I have seen this same behavior on previous sessions, it is clear to me now that I should have done something about it. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but you're a smart man I assume and should know better by now.

Your ban is currently set for only 1 hour at the time of receiving it. This time will double with each same type of ban you receive. You may rejoin as soon as it expires, but please chill out, will ya?


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