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Private Group Text message command


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Dear Developers, Admins

I have some friends in the zombie escape server. We use private chat "/psay name message".

It would be much helpful if you make a feature that allows to create a group of friends and there should be a private group message command something like "/groupsay group message"


making group of friends with commands for example:-


!addfriend [name]

to send a friend request



to see friend requests with accept option



friends list with remove option


and this way people can privately chat in a group.

We use private chat because others won't even understand our language.

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  • Developer

Hello @ A-Rex
Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, it is not feasible at this moment as it requires significant code changes to support this feature, including maintaining group persistence through map changes.
It would necessitate dedicating resources to something that many external tools already provide for free, complete with overlays to enhance the in-game experience.

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14 minutes ago, Skoollz said:

Have u ever hear of discord, steam, teamspeak or anything else related??? 

@ Skoollz
yeah i have heard about steam. But never created an account of it.

I always used non steam for Counter strike game. Cause I only play two games.... Counter Strike and Chess 😅

But yeah i have discord... We'll try it

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I cannot make plugins right now hehehe.


I have thought of something like this before to be honest, but I thought it was a nonsense idea but looks like it would be a lot brighter, pray for me to get out of this war and that I can have the normal situation to code such a plugin...

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