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  1. Have u ever hear of discord, steam, teamspeak or anything else related???
  2. I cant send more bro kisses out for today but thanks everyone so far for sharing you feedbacks.
  3. Required: Ingame Nickname: Chris (or also known as Skoollz/Skullz) Discord username: Skoollz, nickname: Master Chris (lol), but usually just Chris (not sure who renamed me on nide to master chris but hey thanks! hehe) Age: 36 sadly, wish I was in my 20's again SteamID: STEAM_1:1:67062446 (76561198094390621) What server are you applying for (ZR or ZE server?): ZE, I don't play ZR that much at all Optional: (Feel free to answer one or more questions) Why are you interested in applying for admin? - As there are times when the server has no admin and I am online and playing a lot, I thought it could maybe be worth giving it a try and apply. I believe I can also use my past experiences into this and maybe I could be a helpfull hand to this community (if need). What time zone are you active in (NA or EU hours)? - I play on a lot of different time zones. This includes both NA and EU hours, some day I might be on for NA times while the other day I am on in EU times. It variates a lot. How long have you been playing on the server which you applied for? - On NiDE maybe 6+ months, could be longer, I use to play dedicated on Unloze until that one day, then I decide to give NiDE a chance and I am still here! Love it here a lot. How experienced are you in the gamemode for which you applied? - I do suck at playing ZE (like tryhard defending), aldo I try my best, ive been playing this game mode since 2009 I believe. I did start playing ZM-Mode first but then eventually took the step to ZE and stayed there. I wont say I am experienced in the game mode, but I do know my ways around it, I sometimes lead maps as well, but not to most OP maps as there are better leaders as me for that. Do you have any past admin experience? - I do, as stated bellow, ive been admin in the passed on multiple ZE communities and aside from that I am still actively helping another rust community as well. Do you have any other skills like (Mapping, Plugins, Drawing, Video editing etc) - Yes, I can make plugins but in the C# language, aldo im learning how to code with sourcepawn now as well in hope I could help Rushaway some day helping fixing code where need, not saying he needs it but might be happy to get an extra hand. Aside from that I am also known as a Mapper, and I do help a lot of other mappers as well. I can do a little video editing as well in DaVinci Resolve, I did make some youtube videos few years ago for a streamer but since he stopped with it, I kinda did too. Some insights: - Who am I? My name is Chris, I live in Belgium, I am 36y old and I love to play on ZE a lot. You probably see me almost daily on there, depending on your time zone of course. I do play on a lot of different times, that has to do with my job, when I am more working from home I do slip in the servers more often, just don't tell my boss! hehe I love to be a helpful hand, as some already maybe noticed that one me, mappers, developers, or even if they just need a guy to talk too, I am usually there. Players also know they can come talk to me if something bothers them, then I guide them thru so they can be helped where need, in cases I can help myself I do that too. I admit I sometimes involve myself in many thing but thats just me trying to be helpful, its nothing more as that. While some players on ZE might not like me at all, I do try my best to improve where possible so that maybe some players do change their mind over time. I have no grudge against anyone except a few, but those players are known as annoying people anyway so I cannot be blamed for that, not will I use admin powers against somebody over hate or disliking as thats not the way people should act when giving more power as just a player. In some cases people might think that I would, but thats their opinion, not mine. Overall I think I am liked by most on the server, while not everyone is on the same line all the times I don't think that ive caused anyone any troubles they would hate me over it, but feel free to shout it out, i appreciate all feedback as long as its respectfull. Otherwise its ear in ear out. - Gameplay I am 60/40 when it comes to been serious and funny (or trollish) on ZE, but I do know my limitations and how far I can take things before they would become a problem. I admit that I do troll from time to time but I have never trolled in a way that caused the round to be messed up, or that any leader would complain about me, hence the limitations I know. Most of the times its just giggles and jokes, and I do love to participate, but I dont think thats something bad, while I usually just play, talk and have fun, there are times I just sit in spectate to watch the gameplay and enjoy talking to other players meanwhile, of course when no leader is leading otherwise I chat instead. God do I wish I can get that kickflagger of my ass sometimes, I go to toilet and come back to a nice kick message hehe... I can understand some people say I talk a lot, but I just like to be social, aldo I always tell them about SM to somewhat trying to be a helpfull hand in that situation. Yes, I die a lot, because I suck at tryharding maps aldo last few weeks I have been more helping defending but my dieing stats have not changed a bit, and yes, as zombie I am usually a friendly one but its funny to scare the CT's when I come a bit too close and they think I will knife them I think that kinda sums up my gameplay. - Past experiences Ive been admin (or higher position) on multiple zombie escape servers, thought this was back in 2010-2014 times, on GFL, Plaguefest and Unloze, I thought it was worth sharing anyway. Aside from that, administrating a server or being a helping hand in admistration duties is def. nothing new to me. Ive been helping a rust community for the last 4 years now as second rank bellow the owner rank giving me a varierity of access on multiple things within that community, I help handling tickets, manage admins and trials, manage plugins/servers/databases, deal with most situations ingame and try to be a helpful hand in all situations possible. I also try to listen to both sides first before making a disicion, this has helped me solving tons of problems without having to lend out a single ban over the last 3 years. This also wont be a difficult thing to do both at once as I am leaving more and more tasks over to other admins nowadays in the rust community and they seem to do just fine so for me its just nowadays more server wiping and plugin management, and that is easy to combine with playing on ZE or been an admin here as well. So don't think I wont do anything here just cause I also help a rust community. I do divide my times properly and I frankly spend more time on ZE nowadays as I do on Rust. I dont believe in banning people if the situation was not that worse, hackers/cheaters are instantly removed while smaller situations are often delt with with just a simple warning. Sometimes that is more then enough to stop the problems. I think on a different level when it comes to administrating compared to when I am just a player. Aldo I am also known on ZE for having a short temp. sometimes, but that is me as player. As admin I know the guidelines and rules, and that you have to act in a more mature matter on a lot of different problems which is totally no problem for me. I go by the rule "you are a player unless an admin is required, then you become the admin to deal with the situation", I even made a custom plugin for that so admins on the rust community can swap to staff mode when need and stay in player mode when they dont need admin. Its a simple thing I try explain to every new admin we welcome on that team. I also believe in second chances to some extend. - Reasons One of the reasons I make this applications is because of the demand from others to give it a try. So here I am. The other reason is that I also believe that my past experiences as admin outside NiDE could come in handy when having to deal with situations in ZE as its simular and ive already seen how other admins/lsa deal with it, I take their actions as example on how to do the job the best, they stay calm throughout the whole process and I believe thats the best to go with. I believe been neutral and dont pre-judge is a good option too. Nobody is perfect of course. But its good to adapt, learn and improve where its needed. Admins are usually an example of good behavior, gameplay and interaction and thats def. a todo for me as well. I hope that I could be a helpful hand within this community and meanwhile share my experiences and knowledge about administration that I gathered over the years. Aaaand thats it! I think that kinda sums up all that I wanted to share. My english could possible improve a little here and there, feel free to correct me. Im sorry if you feel like reading a book with all this text I write. Thought this can give you some insights before dropping a comment. I hope that the NiDE community is willing to hand out a chance so I can prove what I can be to this community, without any pre-judging or been biased. (if thats the correct word to use, otherwise nvm, lol) Catch you all in game! Peace out.
  4. We had our "bad moment" but I appreciate that Parta took the effort to appologize and understand where he was wrong, it takes a bit to do that and I respect that. A lot of other players can actually learn from that. I wish you the best with the admin application. +1 for giving a chance.
  5. Hahahah (from Autism) xD I can lead it if need, ill try to be on
  6. Exiting guy in game. Can be a little overwelming sometimes but that aint such a bad thing after all imo, just try to overtalk leaders a bit less some times, just a hint, not a complain, I rather have people like him around as people who just come to be annoying and do nothing else as that. But for admin I don't know on this one, you def. not a bad dude but I feel like admin might be a little too much to deal with, but on the other side I also don't mind giving people the chance to prove they can handle the more serious things ingame, so ill give you a +1 for a chance, and in case you be giving a chance, try to act as mature as you can with admin, you are a fun guy and don't cause issues ingame, stay that way and you will just do fine.
  7. Skoollz

    Event idea

    Haha yeah, those are good inputs. We can def. figure some thing out to make this work. I am up for it
  8. Skoollz

    Event idea

    When the leaders die the team dies but they have to be active and leading, not just hide in the team to not die or doorhug xD The idea might be stupid, not sure, thats why I want some collaboration to see if this is actually a good event idea or not hehe
  9. Skoollz

    Event idea

    I just want to share an idea I had for an event, thought im not sure if this could work, but yeah here we go... We play some maps where we have 1 or 2 leaders, (or 3 max), but there is a catch, when the leaders die, the entire team dies, but also to prevent trolling the leaders HAVE to be active and leading, not doorhugging to avoid been killed, otherwise the team dies too... So basicly instead of the leader leading us, we "lead" the leaders and try to help them instead, cause you know if they die..... Please collaborate on this idea. Thats all
  10. Oh so you finally made one! Good luck on the application brother. +1 for me, a try can never hurt, just don't mess it up
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