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Hyperscrolling for people who dont know


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Introduction and the Consequences of using it

  • What is Hyperscrolling? Hyperscrolling is a "feature" in certain mouses, usually logitech that allows players to make the scrollwheel scroll super fast.Basicaly you scroll once and it will keep going without being limited. This, paired with binding your jump to mwheelup and mwheeldown allows you to have an unfair advantage over other players, having better jumps etc.Its important for me to mention that players sometimes  use bhop macro`s wich are esentually similar to Hyperscrolling,but they make you spam the assigned key (usually the jump key)  over and over again.

            You can see an example of a hyperscroll here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRwPCHR5PCE

  • The Consequences of using it: Going by our server rules the use of Hyperscroll will get the player restricted from bhopping by our server ,the player can expect a kick  wich acts as a warning and if the player continues to use it repeatedly they can get banned for an entire day, and this will be extended to 1 week ,1 month,depending on how many times the player has been caught Hyperscrolling.The use of Hyperscroll will be considered cheating,since it gives an unfair advantage over others.(Of course server rules may be different on other servers)
  • How to avoid getting punished? Dont use Hyperscroll or anything that could give you an unfair advantage,simple.And try to not break any of our server or forum rules (Wich can be found here https://nide.gg/servers/server_rules/)

This topic and all the information on it  is here to help our new and old players understand what Hyperscrolling is and to help them avoid breaking any of our rules in the future.Plus to make sure they enjoy their time at our community.

I will call this topic,a work in progress and I  dont want it to escalate into an entire discussion so please dont post replies here ,if there is anything I missed please private message me on the forum or discord so that I can edit and add information again.The support and help will be apreciated.

Have a good day






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