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Locked Banned for no reason


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In-Game Name: BlackDragon
Steam ID:


Reason: "Bhop Hacking"
Banned by: Sausage Clicker
Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD

okay so apparently I'm just chilling with some friends on discord bhopping around literally minding my own business on ze bandit and playing the game and i get banned for a week for "bhop hacking" now not to criticize the nide admin team but i don't know what sausage be smoking but i could use some of that because  banning me a week for "bunnyhop hacking" like I legit have been playing this for years now and i wouldn't even consider myself an amazing bhopper i'd consider myself above average at best but besides that while i do have a more negative reputation by the community for being a troll i have gotten known by a good amount of ze players that know the legitimacy in the way i play and while I can understand perhaps getting banned by a trial admin new to the job but the fact that it was sausage somebody who has had prior experience as an admin on other servers makes me question the authenticity of the ban considering he has for some reason had a personal vendetta against me since leaving esk now I would appreciate if he posts any "evidence" to support this ban besides a potential flag for just getting good consistent hops which anyone can do with jump bound to mousewheel up or down or even better a demo because otherwise this whole thing seems ridiculous not to mention the fact that he also banned one of my friends shy neko a month for having his knife out during the boss on lasers which in itself is a questionable ban to begin with but i don't want to make this a super lengthy post so if you want more details you can review the demo yourselves in any case this is the end of my appeal 

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a professional player by heart. This guy is so good the admins think hes bhop hacking. He should be unbanned since hes a professional and world wide winning ze champion ze player. Show some respect and unban him,

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