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  1. hzrd

    I really have no stance on this situation because I wasn't there but I just want to say a few things Tbh, if you can't handle being insulted then you probably shouldn't be admin. ZE itself is toxic so if you let people get under your skin or you get mad because someone said a word that is widely used on the server, it will lead to bias (as seen above) Also, you said that you will not tolerate insults as if you expect automatic respect because you are a server admin. Respect should be earned, not demanded. And if you say otherwise, then you should mute/gag everyone who sh*t talks other players since player happiness should be the priority right? I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate disrespect either That is all :^)
  2. hzrd

    I'm a pretty new player so maybe I can give my thoughts from a different perspective: Personally, I think there should be a change to cooldowns to something similar like Unloze. I know the main population is from Europe, but there is also players from Asia and North /South America. I think this is when the population suffers the most because all the popular maps have already been played so we're stuck playing unpopular maps, causing less players to join, stay and actually play the game. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the server play Nemesis and Shroom for the past couple of nights. And most of the time I see the same maps with low cooldown being played and don't even bother to join the server (I'm sure a lot of ppl can relate too). I've also had a friend who complained about not being able to play Minas in over a month. We would nominate a good popular map but people worry too much about "wasting " it, so we go to a different map and lose players when we could have gained players. I think a change to cooldown can encourage EU players to stay up later (if they can) and also encourage players in different time zones to also come and play. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing both laser and defending maps but most times we can't play these good maps, so we resort to others. I have stayed up late to play maps with a large population, so I am sure that EU players will also stay up to play if the map is right.