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  1. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    Man the year just started calm the frick down
  2. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    @ShadowCreepy bro can you just chill? when you insult and disrespect admins things will get worser, why dont you just,do that, if an admin abused you, you can just report him calmly here, no need to insult people and disrespect them, coz things will get any worser, and everyone will start hate you,and then you regret, just man be calm and mature so everyone will love you, i am with you bro dont worry, we all still like you, they can gift you something if you stay amazing, dont worry, i hope things will get better!.
  3. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    Good luck man neutral
  4. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    i think he is mad because he got demoted, and admins started abusing him or something, i still have no idea whats going on, Adios ✌
  5. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    hey man take it easy bro, you have to calm down, maybe some of the admins can do something by mistake? idk about that, just be calm and everything will be alright brother
  6. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    Marry Christmas everyone!
  7. GaMeR Guis ^_^

  8. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    hope this will be a good event
  9. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    +1 ,polite guy, and active, i see you sometimes on the game calming and playing Normally,
  10. GaMeR Guis ^_^

    hmmm, noice
  11. GaMeR Guis ^_^

  12. GaMeR Guis ^_^

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