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  1. Send them to Gulag
  2. Klixus

    Good app from good boy! Gl Willy
  3. Klixus

    Batata managing to sneak in some knife action in this event as well First DS event where the leader wont be mad when Chivas triggers PvP mode
  4. Klixus

    +1 for potatobility
  5. Klixus

    Sorrento will be impossible
  6. Klixus

    B O W S E R
  7. Klixus

    @Killik Nice research
  8. Klixus

    Imo it was abuse. If the lead admins do not agree i am ofcourse fine with that. I'm not gonna start a discussion with players when this is the section for reporting admins. Day definetly not ruined, and i hope both of you still have a good evening. Waiting for higher ups before i comment any more.
  9. Klixus

    Joke or not, it's still abuse. Also the majority clearly did not want it when your last extend failed, yet you did another extend vote and extendmap despite the majority not wanting it. And it says a lot when a mako vote fails with that many laser fags present
  10. Klixus

    Ahh forgot to mention, he knew he was abusing but he did it anyway to impress mako fags who are 10 years younger than him. He even says that he will probably be demoted in the demo. Enjoy that sh*tshow @Lardy
  11. Klixus

    1: Your own ingame name: Klixus2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:763936993: Name of the admin(s) involved: Rocklee (My hero Academia)4: What server did it happen on: Zombie escape5: What map: ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_36: Time and date: 9.12.2019 20.457: All normal modes were beaten. He then extends 15 minutes, Limonada cancels it. Then he extends 15 min again, vote passes. Then when that abuse extend is done, he does another one for 10 min. It fails. Then he does another vote, after the previous abuse vote failed. And he does it to slow, so he uses extendmap to allow the vote to go through.8: Proof: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20191209-193537-ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3.dem
  12. Klixus

    Quick maths @aF! mohamed.
  13. Klixus

    I don't mind that you guys discuss. Even if the discussion is completely off topic. Just hope that the people this thread was meant for can sort out all the garbage.
  14. Klixus

    Perhaps i did not make the issue clear enough. The main problem are the incompetence and ability to learn amongst some of these admins. Mostly seen with latinos afaik, because you are oblivious to stuff happening around you due to the fact that you laugh and have fun at mic. I understand completely that you talk with each other in your native language, and me using !sm isn't racially related at all, i just don't want to hear potato mics speak for 30 minutes straight each map. Just take a look at the demo from Atix yesterday, it was a clusterf*ck and you had no idea what was happening. https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20191130-011003-ze_atix_helicopter_i3d_c1.dem
  15. Klixus

    Hi. It's very good that you decided to recruit some new trial admins, but things are getting out of hand. I don't have count on how many new ones you have, but it seems far to many at one time for 3 Lead Admins to handle. I've noticed recently that some of these trial admins have no clue what they are doing, and sure, we all need to learn. But they seem incapable of learning..It's worst in the 15 year old Latino department, as they only seem to focus on having a fun time and talking with other latinos on mic. Of course there are some excellent trials as well, BMS, Mivec. But honestly i think you need to use the fact that they are TRIAL admins and remove some of them rather quickly. If not, then i wish you the best of luck @Lardy @LmntriX @Hope인생이다. You are in for quite the challenge if you keep this up.