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  1. Klixus

    Very good application
  2. Klixus

    We have voted. William has the best mouth. - ESK **Edit** For the sucking of the cock
  3. Klixus

    Sorry to hear that you feel this way about some of our members. We have talked about it and made some hard internal desicions. From now on ESK will be rebranded to FTE, French Troll Elite. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
  4. Klixus

    You're just making friends left and right aren't you, Shadow?
  5. Klixus

  6. Klixus

    Waaaaah waaaah
  7. Klixus

    You are absolutely correct. RCON Sent Klixus 08-19-20 18:41 RCON Command was sent to server ( sm_kick creepy Server Full Case closed k thx
  8. Klixus

    100€ and i will unban. Slide into my DM for payment info
  9. Klixus

    You need to change your profile picture here@GaGaGa
  10. Klixus

    I smell ukranian interference
  11. Yes. If i had free VIP i would stop living and only exist in css ze
  12. Klixus

    Just enable the resistance in wheel when you play.
  13. Klixus

    Big -1. This kid is a retard
  14. Klixus

    But where is this rule stated?
  15. Klixus

    If it's not in the rules then don't worry about it.