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  1. AzN

    too lazy to read the application but 1+
  2. AzN

    cya later bro
  3. if you are short on staff hire taller people
  4. AzN

  5. AzN

    last time i heard you on the mic you sounded like a 20 year old no 13 year old has a deep voice
  6. AzN

    this is nice. ill get back to you what i want...
  7. AzN


    why you so gey... jk happy holidays
  8. AzN

    i finally won something. i wish i won the lottery jackpot
  9. AzN

    +1 AMERICA f*ck YEA
  10. AzN

    great application +100
  11. AzN

    so what the hell is the main issue? im too lazy to read all this. give me a summary.
  12. AzN

    use the template.
  13. AzN

    if yall got beef go to the bar and have a drink and talk it out like men not like children.
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