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  1. AzN

    op you made this post because you are jealous you cant bhop like a pro. practice and you can be a pro like him. i know predator he and a couple people are pro in bhop
  2. AzN


    +1 good guy can be a good admin.
  3. AzN

    hahah for sure
  4. AzN

    cool story bro wanna tell it again?
  5. AzN

    i do play ze i play a few times a week
  6. AzN

    if people spam the mic its justified to mute them. end of story. why dont you go cry abuse about the muting for the kid since you gey about him
  7. AzN

    someone ping me to come into the server when he is there. i wanna troll him please
  8. AzN

    this kid sounds like a retard. demanding respect like he is the boss of the server. f*ck this kid. maybe his mommy and daddy dont show him enough love.
  9. AzN

    +1 good luck bro
  10. AzN

    anyone can comment if you have a problem with that then oh well.
  11. AzN

    take the ban its a short ban.
  12. AzN

    too lazy to read the application but 1+
  13. if you are short on staff hire taller people
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