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  1. just change them to blanks and you wont hear sh*t
  2. i played with a once he was very nice.
  3. rodrigo amarante- tuyo
  4. enjoy yourself by steven o brien
  5. i hate you all...jk i love you all
  6. can someone close this stupid topic?
  7. AzN

    Mohamed Dz-cs

    dude your 10min gag is up why do you need to keep reposting this?
  8. bro you can shut the f*ck up and stop sucking allahs dick you cock sucking f**got ass wanking sh*t stain down your mommas crack mother f*cking ball gargling bitch
  9. AzN

    perma ban

    sin is an admin. even tho its a trial admin but still an admin. like sin said dont use alternative account to avoid your ban make an appeal someone will decide on your appeal. ps dont treat my trial admin buddy like sh*t sin knows what he is talking about. dont be a wank stain
  10. hello allah. all admins do not intentionally abuse. they use admin powers if you are doing something wrong. i dont see any reason why they need to abuse.
  11. AzN

    ping problem

    lucky i wish i could use lan cable i would be running at 100% since im on wireless im running 50% data speed.
  12. AzN

    ping problem

    or check your pc if you have other applications that are using the internet in the background. maybe family member is using the internet too which could raise your ping a bit
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