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  1. You can just mute zombie sounds in settings if you dont like them
  2. So currently on the server there is plenty of admins right? Some of admins need some training or at least notify them to be active on server and when they go afk to leave it, it's a first thing. Second thing most of admins react like turtles after X minutes, no offense to them but we are wasting time while 1 guy is hiding and eating popcorn. I think it's time to do something about these admins that are waiting X time to slay humans for example cause this is starting to get annoying and some players will start playing more less on nide. Another thing is that admins should not be pussy (no offense too), if they see something bad they should react instead watch, because this is why people say "nide is currently shit-show" stuff like that. Ofc I wasnt good admin my self before coz i did some mistakes but I reacted quickly at least and properly in most cases. I hope some higher ups read this and will do some actions with current admins. Currently I can say that Cron, WB, Fierce are only good admins in my opinion (I'm not gonna list lsa)
  3. Idea is bad because it can annoy admins or certain players can do little trolling by sm people, let's say they call some friends and they can do it you never know, abuse it just so notified admin come for no reason. How about after certain % of !sm instead notifying admins that player is !sm X times admins just punish them like they do already, so far there wasnt an issue at least I didnt see any, admins muting spamming people normally etc or people who are annoying with shit mics like "Quadius" or what his name is. It's just my opinion ofc about this suggestion.
  4. The quemist run you Muzzy&Voicians back to you Pendulum I'm not alone Pendulum the vulture
  5. (X it's TRUE, just example
  6. 1: Your own ingame name Creepy2: Your own steam-ID no need for that 3: Name of the admin(s) involved Tiger4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map feywood6: Time and date 16.04 at 4-5 pm server time dont remember exact time but around that7: Explain the situation We have feywood last round and we play the map normally, it wasnt beaten or any bonus round. When humans miss heal on stage 5, note that no one pick it up or trolled with it so no one have it, during the boss (zodiark) humans had only 100 hp. What kind of abuse he did is simple, he e-transfer heal item to himself when they were low hp, when I pointed that out he said "I dont care", it was very unfair for people who died at boss and he said again "I dont care", even when I said I'm gonna report for that. Oh also it's now how admin should act, he is literally like KSF admin that dont give a damn for anything lol.8: Proof check logs in discord, no need for demo
  7. I'm not your bro, and quit with this stupid responses.
  8. You dont play ze, and you stick your nose not into your business
  9. I'm neutral to this Unchained can be funny sometimes and he just a kid, at least he is not like these boring and noob nosteamers who stay quiet all day and play nemesis maps only, although its good to warn him so he dont spam too much, muting is too much.
  10. Admins and VIPs use torchlight from time to time, I find it quite unfair excuse to -1 because "soundboard spammer", I'm sure he wouldn't spam after he become admin. +1 from me although idk u alot but let the guy get chance "trial" for a reason can give him admin fast as well as take it away
  11. 1: Your own ingame name Creepy2: Your own steam-ID u have it3: Name of the admin(s) involved Fuchsboi4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map Alien vs predator6: Time and date 21/02/2021 around 17:15 server time7: Explain the situation: During event on alien vs predator map stage 1, kai get stuck by boss attack, it throw thing at him that make you stuck till boss kill you or boss dies, he was crying in mic "I'm stuck I'm stuck" but it was boss attack and intended by map. Fuchsboi decided to abuse and bring him and after I pointed that out he said "Shut the f*ck up Creepy nobody cares" something like that. And this is not how admin should behave.8: Proof Check logs in discord
  12. Cant we play radiance instead sunlight? Its 100% better soft serve map then sunlight
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