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  1. 1: Your own ingame name : Vasiliy le fascist2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:0:44137333: Name of the admin(s) involved : Freecazoid4: What server did it happen : ZE5: What map : ze_mountain_escape_bbo_v16: Time and date : 12.10.2021 22:30 - 23:00 UTC+37: I spammed some music before and was muted for this and it was deserved, I played for some time at mountain escape and had to close my CSS and prepare dinner for myself and when I returned, I got muted for "avoiding" mute.8: Proof: screenshot - https://ibb.co/xqnX6xn
  2. Vasiliy

    Viper bad admun

    Ahahahah, this is meme topic
  3. Good nigga despite being laserfag, +1
  4. Mini event ze_gargantua_v2(only AWP and knives(nades also not allowed), 75% of speed for zombies, no rebuys, 40% of zombies), ze_stargate_escape_v8(only pistols and knives(nades also not allowed), 75% of speed for zombies, crowd spawn, no rebuys, 40% of zombies), ze_standart_map_final_fix2(only pistols and knives(nades also not allowed), 75% of speed for zombies, crowd spawn, no rebuys, 40% of zombies) Name of event : Inhibited zombies
  5. +1 Good boy (first thought you were french esk nigga)
  6. I added something to my application
  7. 1. Max, 18 y.o. 2. Vasiliy the Crusader #4444 3. STEAM_0:0:4413733 4. 11 years, started in 2009 and in 2014 started to play mostly ze, before that was playing deathruns, minigames, normal mode and ze also but not that frequently. 5. English, russian, ukrainian languages, also unquenchable desire to punish trollers 6. I've been admin on a lot of servers including NIDE and never spammed with soundboard with this responsibility but was demoted for being inactive 7. I live in Lviv, Ukraine and currently I work full-time as software engineer in company named GK software(mostly I work from 7 AM to 3 PM) and also study in university on speciality artificial intelligence(but as daddy le communist said in his application f*ck university I rely on my high IQ and I'm absolute unit so never attend classes), so I have free time only on weekend and sometimes on weekdays' evenings 8. First I will spectate him and in case of confirmation that he uses aimbot I will ask to turn it off, if he doesn't listen I will ban him for couple of hours
  8. I want to be leader. My SteamID is [STEAM_0:0:4413733]
  9. Grand Boat Escape Day Time V4_3 good map for nemesis mode https://gamebanana.com/maps/166996
  10. Actually you have to be at least 90 iq to be admin what i can't notice by ur actions. I said so bcs of this garbage team of recruited admins who aren't capable to do anything
  11. people can do best of what they can but still may not match admin requirements
  12. These were obvious trolls and if u can't notice it this means u're incompetent and should be demoted
  13. are u dumb ? where have u seen me in adminlist on server?
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