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  1. ShadowCreepy

    I wish wanderers v6 was ported to css tbh
  2. ShadowCreepy

    Map it self is not that difficult. You just need good team lol
  3. ShadowCreepy

    Yea I understand, there is much more bugs in some maps where "boss" have 2x more hp. Some maps are broken because of plugin or whatever it causing it some are not, I'm just saying point of ZE is playing whole map, instead of skipping levels. I get that he wanted good but its better to forcertv if map has specific bugs.
  4. ShadowCreepy

    1: Your own ingame name ShadowCreepy2: Your own steam-ID No need3: Name of the admin(s) involved Bro Man Salam4: What server did it happen on It happened on zombie escape server.5: What map it happened It happened on ze_dreamin_v2_3s6: Time and date 12.03.2020 around 19:007: Explain the situation On dreamin v2 this administrator decided to skip to stage 2, I assume it was because some sort of bug that occurred during the gameplay. But all I want to say that when map is broken, administrator have to forcertv after 3 cases maximum, instead of abusing and changing level to play map with actually bugs.8: Proof check dem
  5. ShadowCreepy

    ze_stalker_ultimate_v3 ze_stalkermonolit_v6 Kickers No flamethrower on stalkermonolit
  6. ShadowCreepy

  7. ShadowCreepy

    f*ck me, wont attend because new internet router and box will come on Monday, sh*t...
  8. ShadowCreepy

    Finally that worthy event
  9. ShadowCreepy

    Stop spamming guys, let the senior admins handle this topic please.
  10. ShadowCreepy

    I agree, administrator haven't done anything after this troll.
  11. ShadowCreepy

    Well it was the worst event tbh
  12. ShadowCreepy

    But you still disrespect others, by saying "You guys suck" etc, like you are big boss or something. On starwars for example. I dislike trollers like you, and it's a big impact on admin position.
  13. ShadowCreepy

    First of all who is admin who insults? Mm? Oh its Salam. I'm always defending and stop calling me kid, you dont know me)) It's not personal attack on you, I'm trying to prove that you dont deserve administrator, even if you didnt had admin powers it doesnt matter Im waay older then you, and I know that you always troll. You was even insulting Hamouda on skyrim for being "Muslim". Gabriel already proved that you dont deserve admin, and there is so much more instead of only allowing troll during lasers.)) And what is this administrator move? Keep insulting other people? It's you. Also I'm not encouraging people on nide or unloze to troll, because I dislike trolling so stop making sh*t up)) And who is the person who is making fun of someone hmm? It's you. I dont know how you got admin since you are disrespectful person as hell. Of course I could report them but even tho your admin was freezed, you still should tell admins to do their job. Even Hamouda said that you are troller, so stop making excuses.
  14. ShadowCreepy

    Ye I know, there was more admins I could blame like hamouda or EN CHAIR. I just got mad of it.