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  1. ShadowCreepy

    zzzz why not paramina instead evernight, evernight is so easy and unfinished (missing extreme stages that would have laser ending too)
  2. ShadowCreepy

    Too bad it's not newest version tbh
  3. ShadowCreepy

    Sorry but I dont care if new year started
  4. ShadowCreepy

    It wasnt troll, I didnt teamkill anyone or blind on lasers Definition of troll is when someone ruin other experience in game or any other online place. Did I ruin someone experience? No because everyone was ok with it and we still win. So what was point of eban. I already said I would accept it if we lost that round. And I always ask admin if I can troll, maybe I trolled 2 times only but it was only yek, if you call that holy use a troll while no one was affected by it and no one complained then honestly dont know what else I should say at this point
  5. ShadowCreepy

    I don't talk about yek, talking other trolls u did sometimes but forget it, just examples
  6. ShadowCreepy

    The people are norisk, plex, haziwa, idk who else. And it wasnt any teamkill, or something else. Just use holy at bad spot, I would accept eban if we lost the round obviously, and I dont eban people at moments like that westersand before new year, because all of us want to have fun on last westersand and chill. And I avoided eban because it wasnt justified, we win the round and even all other admins say "If you yek and we lose you get eban", why dont you do same on that bad spot holy use on stage 1? It's the same but instead blind on lasers you just use holy on sh*t spot. Why cant everyon
  7. ShadowCreepy

    1: Your own ingame name Creepy2: Your own steam-ID no need3: Name of the admin(s) involved Lightning Strike4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map westersand v86: Time and date 31/12/2020 17:00+ server time idk exact time might be wrong 7: Explain the situation So I use holy at sh*t spot on stage 1 in wester v8 for fun and jokes, I got eban like 1 minute after, on stage 1 we still win the round and we didnt lost and holy is not needed at all on stage 1, and it was alot humans alive, and it was last westersand and worst one in 2020 because of that kiddo. Cant even have fun and chill, and
  8. ShadowCreepy

    He ebanned me too but lightning strike changed to 1 hour. Although yes holy didnt do alot like 1000-1200 but it wasnt that bad, at least it wasnt used on lasers or other useless location. And I would accept eban if we lost that round btw, and I would say "eban me my fault"
  9. ShadowCreepy

    Ur totally wrong, csgo and css ze are almost same just different movement and guns, and zed is example because in other servers they act same not only zed (about items, ebans etc. I admit my mistake not once you just blind (no offense) or wasnt playing before. Weird that csgo ze is sh*t yet it's more populated, more servers and players learn there faster, and some players from css ze who play long time play csgo ze too, weird right? And about heal in dreamin v3 I said him many times "Use heal use heal" but this Freeman guy dont listen, he just hold item and jerk off probably, and its not
  10. ShadowCreepy

    Thats all u got? Does this mean anything? I think not
  11. ShadowCreepy

    Go suck others dick like u always do, idc about demotion
  12. ShadowCreepy

    In that case, you said "I never seen holy like that" and u play ze since 1 year, it wasnt sh*t holy as it's not first time it's being USED like THAT, people call it "Creepytima" are mostly american kids like plex or some nonames like Norisk and haziwa. If you think no one will support me then why dont u ask, maybe there will be people who support me u never know. Also we didnt had trim its maybe because they finally decided to shoot, or maybe just good boss rng. Otherwise if we had bad rng and we had big trim it was still good use, of course I could save it, my opinion. And I transfer becuase
  13. ShadowCreepy

    For me it is big issue bro, I'm playing game and trying to enjoy it and tryhard it most time, and it wasnt even a troll and some guys take it too serious, if admins really want to enforce playse "use holy there, you dont use holy there you retard" etc then it's not good, it's why we get less new or good players. As long as item use is good for team then it's fine, if someone troll with item to trim, blind etc eban. I didnt done any of it and i was just playing anmap
  14. ShadowCreepy

    Your arguments are nothing, I'm not mentioning ghost (idk what u mean by that), using holy on boss is useful most of time, and u see on css and csgo u could see people use holy on that dragon (yes I seen on csgo and css and it's not csgo tactic, it's rather css tactic) why you think mapper added that feature for holy dmg the boss? Just so it exists and no one use it? You play ze for few months and it's ok u are still learning I dont blame you, but you should first ask others what they think about this holy if it's good or not, last time I used holy on dragon before too, we had admin online as
  15. ShadowCreepy

    I didnt report anyone
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