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  1. LowParty

    My opinion as well as @AzN's will be its +1
  2. LowParty

    I would like to ask @LmntriX the reasons of the gags, since he said "spam" for just writting a message 3 times. But this looks like an excuse, because he ignored my question a lot of times. This may not be important but as I know admins shouldn't do !sm on players, just guess who did that
  3. LowParty

    Winners have been rewarded!
  4. LowParty

    Okay let's believe that you didn't know what is inflating and also that you can get ban for it. Demon and Nika explained to you what is inflating and also proved that you were doing it too shameless. Lying is not a good option since we have demos, and yet, if it wasn't you the one playing but yes your brother, father, son etc... still not an excuse to don't get ban. It's your responsibility, not ours. So be more carefull next time. I didn't want myself to close this report, but there is nothing more to explain.
  5. LowParty

    Denied. If you want to know the reasons pm me on discord.
  6. LowParty

    We have a rule about "shooting in lasers". If you don't shoot, you get slay. Usually we warn about it before slaying someone, just like I did. At this moment active players like you and aaa should know that no shooting in lasers have consequences. About this, I think you mean its not the first time you see someone not getting slay for no shooting. So I will try that every admin follows this rule so it's fair for everyone. This makes no sense.
  7. LowParty

    I have watched the demo, and you just got slay because of the small chances to solo and the time it would have taken to shoot zombies away for winning the round. Can't consider this as a delay, but it was last round and most of the players just want to go to the nextmap, specially knowing that there is only 1 CT left and the chances of winning are very low. Others doesn't even know what is going on and starts leaving the server. Basically, the slay was justified and wasn't an abuse at all. Topic Closed.
  8. LowParty

  9. LowParty

    Hello Frodo, currently you are a donated administrator, so we will wait until your admin expires to make a decision. However, we will be pending of your work. Thanks for applying and good luck.
  10. LowParty

    It is very simple, this map has various minigames, on the one you got kicked, the goal is getting the sofa to the end, and you have to shoot the sofa to make it move. So the thing is, most of the players are unaware of the minigame's objective, so if they get stuck with the sofa they start to shooting it to anywhere, wasting time to make the objective. In more than 1 round people started to scream that it was you the one shooting the sofa away, so I kicked you from the server. Anyways, do not worry about getting a ban
  11. LowParty

    Number 1 like I am
  12. LowParty

    Bro if you just get banned for nothing, the worst thing you can do is trolling. It will make the situation worse. They will have more reasons to dont remove the ban (in case hes using hacks for real) cuz he is showing that he does not care about the ban, since he is trolling with alts.
  13. LowParty

    65 - CSGO Prime status upgrade