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  1. +1 very old player with enough admin experience.
  2. In the 2nd clip on 0:40 you can see that he misses his scroll while still trying to strafe on the ground, which means it's legit.
  3. +1 seems like a good guy and future admin
  4. Damn, you could at least do some research and understand that it's sm_thirdperson command.
  5. lmao, worst rule ever tbh
  6. Neutral to this, you have week map knowledge which is important for an admin. But still good luck.
  7. Move stalker stalker_v3 into public nominations/or leader only for some time. Edit: this version doesn't contain lasers, nevertheless I suggest putting time restriction on it(playable from 1pm server time) and some cd like other ff maps have as the map might be kinda challenging because we didn't really play this version before.
  8. Definitely +1, must be an admin
  9. Neutral to this. From me I would say your soundpad spam is not appropriate for an admin.
  10. GaGaGa

    NiDE GameMenu!

    I've uploaded the same file to other file sharing website, so you don't need to sign up. https://dropmefiles.com/jidEl
  11. Have u ever seen how aimbot works? I guess not. It would have been locked on any of the zombies but as u can see I rotate a lot a and my aim is not following any of zombies. Stop crying already...
  12. It's really not about ff maps, a lot of people join server for 1 map and just leave after, stop redirecting it to ff.
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