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  1. Jin

    @Randy did you say grow up ??
  2. Jin

    @Randy muted
  3. Jin

    Lol, my friend @Randy just got 1 month ban for spamming
  4. Jin

    +1 for very good admun @hifielie
  5. Jin

    You are Arabic mix ni**er?
  6. Jin

    Good bye jerry, See you again https://www.softether.org/
  7. Jin

    @Raiden nice one nico , Welcome back my friend
  8. Jin

    That was me i hacked hope's keyboard, he did nothing
  9. Jin

    Did u seduced his "crush"
  10. Jin

  11. Jin

    I don't think so
  12. Jin

    @inGame ads are everywhere, can i buy "Premium pack" to remove ad ?
  13. Jin

    Hi new member, we are so happy to have you. If you wish to join our admin team, just buy it
  14. Jin

    What what what, what kind of rule is this
  15. Jin

    I did everything !