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  1. Fantastic written application
  2. Is this the one that with 4 mode on?? (Mako,Skyrim,Mina,Pirate)
  3. Don't really know him well but I'd had to admit that I seen him on the sv often. Really activate player and judging based on his activity on the server, I think he will do a really good job as an admin. (We just gotta give them a chance) +1
  4. they told me and I'd already remove your ban.
  5. @Romkillerhm... U know wht?? To be completely 100% honest this is my 3rd time getting triggered by players. But most of the time I'd just ignore them but this time I was high and I'd overreact a bit too much and I'm sorry.
  6. Judging based on the way how you talk, it appear you don't know how thing rolling here at all. Here we take so serious when it comes to dealing with "toxic" players and just in case if u didn't know, player "Rinnegan Sora" was banned for 1 year and not his first time. I suggest you to check the sourceban for full detail and then we can resume your childish arguments game.
  7. Don't be so foolish tryna be smart. . I was just giving you example like "how will you feel when I change my vip tags to I f*ck romkiller mum for 50 cent" I was giving you example and you even respond me that saying "I don't care" and I was wondering why care now??? Since you disrespected me, I also have the right to disrespected you but i didn't and was just giving you example. https://prnt.sc/qfq3y0 Please, stop playing so smart, I'm outta here. I'm not into your little arguing gaming match.
  8. Also why don't you stated that you call me "gay" too. https://prnt.sc/qfpz8c And no, I'd kick chu twice. Just because an admin doesn't do your little tiny favor, doesn't mean you have the right to disrespected the admins. And also why don't you stated that you making fun of an admin(me) by changing your vip tag to "hop sucking a lot" something like that. I warn you to remove it by kicking you and I'd even did claimed that it was uncomfortable and bothering me and ofc since your like all those toxic player, the bans is the only optional.
  9. @RuD How old are you 8?? Imagine your one of the owner store of an taco bell company and you got complain from one of your customer. In the complain note: how will you feel if they customer wrote something like "you guys food is trash and it make me sick!! I shouldn't buy sh*t from you guys at all, now I'll like to get my refund back" Not explaining the full detail and wrote anything that pop out in their mind and I bet the company or the manger won't even valued that complain note and throw into trash right away. There's always a rule or template to create such topic even in today reality world. Such as job resume, trade class, college applied letter etc. So you can't popup outta nowhere and disrespecting the whole community and talking trash of our fellow admins. Seriously?? Is that how you made an report?? There's nothing going on with nide, wht there's going on is with your mental health (no offense) and since you still didn't learn how to make proper (admin report) at all, I'd decided to removed your access on the forum from creating such topic. Restricted for 1 week.
  10. won't happened in the future, my norway brother Klixus.
  11. You have 4 bans which was all for trolling, so we have to carefully consider about your application. The decision will be made within 24 hour.
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