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  1. LmntriX

    Ah so you mean, going spec before round starts and reviving as zombie to disturb the gameplay and tryharding, cts want to enjoy their round and you knew they were kinda "noobs" "nolisteners" didnt know the map, and used the chance and disturbed the gameplay for 3-4 rounds. Your argument was to get points and get higher in rank, I dont see the point givin you admin if you are just hunting points instead of helping the gameplay etc. I warned and told you not to do that. Aswell I only stripped your knife for 1 round get over it please.
  2. LmntriX

    lmao my abuse is common, what are you talking about mr. playing since 1 week. I was watching the cage, where the zombies are, you decided to jump around the cage to get knifed by luck i cought and slayed you. Thx for your report.
  3. LmntriX

    Lmao these braindead don’t understand that it's a matter of principle....
  4. LmntriX

    Just saw you yesterday, i was suspicious but didnt see anything bad. Neutral
  5. LmntriX

    I saw what happend, from the beginning, you were actually insulting him and provoking him, because he removed your nomination, we both actually told you to stop disrespecting or gag and or mute incoming. Do you know what VAC is? It says if YOU use hacks u loose ur access to css. So common sense = if you use hack -> PUNISHMENT without going on forum and crying. So you knew what would happen if you go on and u did, and now u are here to cry? Because he punished you? In my opinion twinpeaks reaction was totally justified since there is the rule with no disrespect agai
  6. LmntriX

    Guys, you act like you are innocent and some kind of victim of violence. you provoked and howled about the punishment. You attacked in a targeted manner and took advantage of the moment when I wanted to hear a tip from Shizo. This is why you got gagged, you copied and pasted it, for what reason? You said grow up, nice advice for yourselves. topic closed( since noone serious answers)
  7. LmntriX

    Hello @Nibster thank you for your interest in becoming an admin on our server. Your application is really well written, i have seen you on the server for a few times, and u took actions towards toxic players like u muted them and ebanned them. Seems like you'd take your job serious, that makes me feel comfortable about you. +1
  8. LmntriX

    Hello Frodo, Your application is well written, but what lardy said is important for me too. So if you work With us together, we will work With you. @LowParty @Sausage Clicker ?
  9. LmntriX

    It was not a big Abuse, Zet and Tommy were insulting the normal players and admins. He was provocating fierceG really bad, already talked with FierceG, about how to handle with these types of players in future. Topic Closed
  10. LmntriX

    Hello, I will take care of your request as soon as possible.
  11. LmntriX

    Hello @Colorado47 thank your for application and interest of being an admin on Nide, But as @Lardy said your connection time on server is to short, means them players need to get to know you better. Our playerbase is often the same , or they are atleast known, so if they see a radnom player with 15 hoursplaytime on the server as an Admin they would not understand how fast, people are getting accepted. So if you want to be an Admin in future, we want you to play often to communicate or maybe try donating for a month and give urself a look. Some of our Ad
  12. LmntriX

    I know right, it’s just that i have never seen him, but that application is a reason for a no „ -„ Because some points didnt fit well to our definition of being an Admin. In my opinion appliers should know the basics of being admin, any experiences. You said you have some experience but u didnt tell exactly where and what exactly and for how long ?
  13. LmntriX

    Less activity lmao -1
  14. LmntriX

    He made fun of the community more than once. He makes fun of the whole admin team. He rips players and makes them commit mistakes in the game such as trolling with objects. This person has heard nothing of respect and decency. Doesnt know how to talk to a human normally. He is toxic and constantly complains about everything and always expresses imprudent. May be that personal feelings are included. But that does not change the fact that he can do the same to others. Before taking him into the admin team, i would like to see that he has changed with his behaviour. So
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