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  1. LmntriX

    Less activity lmao -1
  2. LmntriX

    He made fun of the community more than once. He makes fun of the whole admin team. He rips players and makes them commit mistakes in the game such as trolling with objects. This person has heard nothing of respect and decency. Doesnt know how to talk to a human normally. He is toxic and constantly complains about everything and always expresses imprudent. May be that personal feelings are included. But that does not change the fact that he can do the same to others. Before taking him into the admin team, i would like to see that he has changed with his behaviour. So its a BIG -1 from my side.
  3. LmntriX

    Your Application has been accepted.
  4. LmntriX

    +1 good application
  5. LmntriX

    +1 deifntley
  6. LmntriX

    Hey dear @RizK good application. +1 from me.
  7. LmntriX

    Neutral, because I don't know you
  8. LmntriX

    @Shy Limonada. What about 7.? So far so good, but please answer no. 7 After you have edited youre answer I will look at it again.
  9. LmntriX

    Alright, everyone liked your application. @Lardy @Killik @Hope인생이다
  10. LmntriX

    Shadow was admin on old NIDE He is actually a good guy +1
  11. LmntriX

    Well good application, but I don't know you... Neutral
  12. LmntriX

    Well I know en chair from the beginning he was very toxic against me. But anyway I think he has changed, after NiDE got renewed. I would give you a try as trial admin +1