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  1. Wicked*

    @Batata Finally u replied to my post ty for that. First of all, i talked only about 5 hours per day in prime time. I cant understand how u get those numbers mb cos u dont play so often like me and dont see that happening on server. Guess u just trying to defend your solution with random numbers. Its more likely what it will be smth like 65-65-65-65-65-30-40-50 (average 55.6) and 65-30-40-50-65-30-40-50 (average 46.2). After this everything will be same like now cos "tryhard" session over. So my maths is better. Second, u said that some people are selfish. But r u not selfish uself? I can explain. For example, why bhop is disabled on temple ancient? Answer is u like map but u cant bhop. Why u disabled it on pizza time? Same answer (its on for now but anyway u did it). Why some lazer maps have different cd. Depends on u like them or not. Etc. Taking Glitch for example? Is this a joke. Lmao. He is just toxic kid. Caring of newbies? Very good. As i said before they have 19 hours per day. Let us play our maps for 5 hours without losing players. As i said before u need just try it. Statistic will show that iam right. Just try it 1 week and we will check average amount of players before and after. Its only 1 week why not? Server is dead 24/7 nowadays. I hope that my solution will help server to become great again. Btw its not only about ff. Its about all hard maps like stalker, gris, grau, mist etc.
  2. Wicked*

    @Shy Limonada. u need to learn how to read properly. There is no need to remove general cd. If u know maths at least like 12 years old u can understand that average amount of players per day still will be much more higher if we can play hard maps after hard maps cos server always die after nowadays. Players will stay for next map only if it is good. Yes at the end server probably will still die anyway but at least it will be full for this time. It better to have full server for 5 hours then for 30 min. And as i said already u can still save online like 40-50 if u choose correct map after this. Iam bored to repeat same things again and again. Can u read properly before post smth like this. F****** r*****.
  3. Wicked*

    @Shy Limonada. it happens every time that some of players leave but after those "tryhard" sessions we can always play some classic or nemesis maps like atix and boatescape and server will not die cos nide used to be alive 24/7. @Anwar its only for 5 hours per day. Mb we can just try it and see what happen if it will work we can keep it if not u can always set cd back.
  4. This post is for nide management. As u know there is prime time on server when almost everyone can play. Its like between 18:00-23:00 (GMT +3). No need to remove general cd. It mean if map have like 50 cd at the moment its ok we cant play it. But. After one hard map we cant play another hard map (even if it have 0 cd) and everyone is leaving. For example. Today average online on server was like 30-40. On cosmo it was full server. After this it was 40 on surf. Then again full server doorhug. After we rtved 666 it was 65/65 feywood. And after it was 35 omochi. We could play ridorana or gris or smth like this after and server could be still full. I hope u understand that i mean but i will repeat in case u still not. We can have full server always only in case if we can play hard map after hard map. Still we need it only for prime time so we not waste good maps at night. If u not agree with this pls explain why. I know u will say smth like noob players want play their maps. Its ok they have 19 hours per day to play thier maps.
  5. Wicked*

    nice jk noobs vs admins playing 24/7 gg its gonna be like 2 10
  6. Wicked*

    ze_hsc no kickers cos u too bad to win it even with normal settings can we play new maps in events not the same overplayed sh*t? ty
  7. Wicked*

    How u managed to understand that i dont like this rule? I said in the start of this topic that this rule is good in general. I'm already tired to repeat same thing 10 times i know u r too stupid to understand it even if i will say 10000000 times. Real problem of this rule that admins cant control it. They spectate only people whom they r dont like and slay them. Check demo westersand last night. At least 10 people wasnt shooting in lazers every round (except last round). But they didnt slay even 1 of them. But in the same time they slay people in other cases. So this is nonsense.
  8. Wicked*

    Cos i think i know who r u. U just too scared and created acc to hide uself cos u coward. U want see case noob not shooting? Easy. Check demo on 666 crazy escape this night 1 noob was slayed for not shooting. Ofc i never complain cos all rules was good before this. This rule is nonsense I repeat too u braindead not even 1 server in the world have it. Barely literate? Ye mb my english not good enough. But iam still much more better then u cos can understand simple things )
  9. Wicked*

    I see u know who iam. But why u r scared to say who r u? I think u have some reasons for this. Anyway its ok. It easy for me to argue with 10 iq guy. Anyway again. First noobs actually dont knife out and i didnt said it they actually just dont shoot. Second when i was admin i just followed this rules and never do smth more. Third rules must be written so everybody can see them otherwise its just nothing.
  10. Wicked*

    Speak english pls noname f**got i had to use google to understand u. Imaging to create acc to say this haha seems u afraid of that everyboy will see who u r. Anyway if u punish 5% it will not help at all (or mb just a little bit) cos people who not shoot never do it cos its just selfish cunts playing for solo only or noobs who cant shoot in lazers cos they just noobs. Btw if u still gona save this rule u have to add it on forum otherwise its not legit to slay people its abuse (https://nide.gg/servers/server_rules/).
  11. Wicked*

    @Monkey D Luffy Not only russians knife out on lazers and iam not trying to defend them. U missed the main point. I repeat again. This rule is good BUT U CANT CONTROL IT. Read again beginnnig of this topic pls.
  12. Wicked*

    I agree with Sausage this is just a game and people can do whatever they want untill they literally interfere someone to play. Ok so when people not defend, not shoot normal bosses its almost same case cos they dont help team. I repeat again there r no ze servers that had this rule its obviously cos its not fair.
  13. Wicked*

    @Lardy "Rules must be fair and equal for all" This my point. And in this case its impossible to provide it i already explained why. Good idea with "drugs".
  14. Wicked*

    Ty for help bro but still even if it stalker (or any map when u need to kill lazer boss in time) u will not slay everyone who not shooting so u cant slay anyone cos its unfair. No choice - delete this rule or make special plugin. I also wonder who is that genius who created this rule. Admins already slay people thats why i created this topic.
  15. Wicked*

    Yo gyus. There is new rule on ze server that if u dont shoot in lazers admin can slay u. Btw i cant find it on forum u have to add it at least (https://nide.gg/servers/server_rules/). Actually this rule is good but how u can control it and make it fair for everybody? I will explain. Imaging 30 players go to lazers in any map (westersand, mako, alien shooter etc.) and 15 of them not shooting. Even if u have 10 admins spectating them (its literally impossible but ok) u cant slay everyone who not shooting. You will slay mb 5, mb 10, but not all cos its actually impossible to control so many people in short time. So some people still will be unpunished thats why its not fair for everyone. Rules must be fair and equal for all so thats why this rule is sh*t (i repeat to 10iq's cos u cant control it). So thats all u have two ways: 1. Make a stripper (or smth like this i'm not good at tech things) that will auto-slay all who not shooting. 2. Delete this braindead rule already. Btw there r no servers in CSS and CSGO that have this rule stop killing ze pls. Nide community is biggest on CSS. Sorry for sh*t english but i hope u understand that i mean.