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  1. sm1 lead ze_FFXII_Mt_Bur_Omisace_v5_5fix i lead others
  2. @Batata Its always bad idea to make big changes in short time. Do it step by step. Check consequences after every little change to understand is it good or not, so should u keep it or not. This is best way obviously. Yes, it will take a lot of time, u shoud make a plan with different ways of development. Like in financial work, u know. But in result we can get best settings. Also settings which we had before last changes was mb the best of all the time. Noone was complaing about it. Yes, little changes always needed. But do it moderately.
  3. @cmer ahaha evolution im dead My arguments clear af, if u didnt understand call doctor to fix your cognitive ability. I showed the problem and the exact way how it should be solved also. U talking about solidarity in admin team. Is it about discord sucking? Not hating any admin here, only mb @Sausage Clicker cos he owe me money but it is ok he is poor so i can forgive him.
  4. Nice one KON thanks for help.
  5. Lardy u always welcome
  6. Not bad post from u Sausage. Cool english knowledge i learned a lot of new words, thanks. But lets talk in details. First of all, u have no rights to talk here because u not playing on server at all. I wonder how u still LSA for all this years doing nothing to improve server. Also i perfectly know which kind of person u r. So.. where is my 100$ man? U want from me to talk with respect to u? Nice jk. U totally not deserve it so as most of LSA cos u gyus r useless. The only effective way to talk to u to be a little bit rude and u see it works u really give attention for my post we can see it. Look at all people who liked your post. Most of them play on server 3 days. Its good that u r care about them but they will play here 3 more days then leave forever. So that about old players, the biggest part of server community. U have to care about them at first place but u told all of us to go unloze instead. So u talking about good decisions u made for a future of nide. Can u explain in details about that u r talking? I cant get it at all. Which decisions? LSA main option is to care about trials and SA. Teach them if needed first. If admin is good u promote him, if not u give him more time to get good, if he is retarded u demote him. So lets talk about the current result of LSA work. Where r good SA admins? We have max 5 of them including people who play 5-10 hours a week, not really active. U have to provide nide with good admins thats all that u have to do. This is LSA's responsibility. At the same time u promoting people who did nothing and not doing it for people who did good work. This is not a way to get good SA team obviously. U said that Forze (and some other gyus) not fit your admin team. Can u explain in details also? Mb he not sucking dicks in discord? Mb u dont like him cos he is russian? He trolled 5 years ago so he is troll now? Any more reasons? U said it based on your own feelings. Only result matters. He didnt abused, he did a lot of bans and mutes, he show himself like a really good admin. Being admin is a work. If admin do his work good he is fine, even if he dont have good relations with other admins. Actually its hard to have good relations with retards. I perfectly know it cos i was admin for a long time. Dont ask me to be admin cos i will be LSA in like 2 weeks and after that u will be demoted for not being active. Killik should do it by himself but its ok, at least u can make nonsense posts on forum. Also very important part of future of nide xD Finally, answer 2 questions i mentioned before: 1. Which legendary decisions u made for a future of nide, can u show us at least 3 one's? 2. How can u reasonable explain in which way u understand if admin fit your admin team or not?
  7. Hello cancer LSA team, especially Life is a trash! Let us know how u cancers take decisions on promoting trials? I cant get it. Seems retarded people like life is a trash doing this sh*t according to thier own feelings. For example. The guy Rognus since he got admin did 4 bans and totally no impact on the game and he got promoted. Who is this Rognus? No1 know him. Just a new guy who play this game 3 days i dont mind him mb he will be good admin (10% chance max). At the same time Forze did 15 bans and 30 mutes and he wasnt promoted. Who is Forze? Every1 know him, he play this game since this server was created, he have much more experience then all of u LSA trashers together, no jk. This is that admin have to do at first place, ban and mute sh*tters which dont let people enjoy game, this is the only way to prove that u r active admin. So what do u want from good admin? Explain mb? I can explain for u 10 iq brains. The main mission of good admin to provide good gameplay, do everything for that according to the rules ofc, this is very simple. This includes: transfering items and punishing people who do sh*t, especially on purpose, lets not talk about new players who play on server 3 days. I play not so often but still a lot. So what I can see? 100% nothing. Most admins not able to take decisions at all, not ready to take responsibility. Only WB from my point of view doing good sh*t nowadays and he also active. Where r u all? U gyus not even playing on server, only sucking each others dicks in discord as always. In conclusion I have to say this is not smart that u promote people who do nothing and lose good admins who really doing good work. Killik thanks for carring server u r best manager of all time but take care of your LSA trashers pls. Most of them barely play and play only sh*t maps they dont even understand anything. This is eternal problem that we always dont have any admin online while playing good maps. Make Forze main LSA and u will see the great nide again! Thanks for attention, Life is a trash dont forget to delete my post, thanks!
  8. especially u FPT everyone know that only that can u do is sucking lmao
  9. https://nide.gg/profile/663-wicked/ come here guys
  10. Yo guys! For all who want to know why i left my admin.

    Quote from discord.

    This is my answer to Lardy who want details. This guy trying to be good manager but he not even able for that his iq is just too low u can see it from maps that he made. Its ok he is not so bad (ofc not even close to be good) i dont mind. We all do job here for free. But. He hate me from the start when even batata asked me to be admin he complained that i made bad application lol. Why he hate me? I dont actually know the reason mb cos he feel that he is too stupid and he cant really communicate with me, idk. As i said before i never gag/mute/ban players no reason. I never did even 1 real mistake from all this year. But if some people like norisk, plex, haziwa, ala, nuk etc. (obviosly trollers who have 10+ bans or mutes) complain for him, he listen to them and go cry for batata before and now he cry for shizo. He never tried to talk with me first but obviously he needed to do it. Why? Beacuse he know that iam not kind person and sometimes i can answer not polite. So he avoided to talk like a man he always did some sneaky sh*t and cry for others before even finding out that really happened. Is it normal? He showed himself like a coward and guy who not able to talk with people. Is this guy deserve to be manager who scared to talk with his admin. Iam just server admin and dont even want to be lsa or higher. I wanted to be admin because i like to play this game and i see that people (most admins) not able to control it. For me its easy. If i play on server and lead we win all maps because i can transfer items, ban trollers, mute/gag spammers and lead at the same time. I need only 2 sec to find right decision. Its so easy to be good admin if u not scared to be one. So i do my job right. But i have to explain for him everything because he is too kind and stupid and cant even understand that trollers know that and they come for him and lie and suck to him. He have no balls to say to them just that it was obviously deserved.

    After that this sneaky bitch freeze me 1 week and then i say im out. 

    1. Wicked*


      Btw 1 more

      Lardy 23:32
      It’s not mate.
      Wicked just got a wrong opinion about me and (it could be true) mixed everything including my job as mapper to say that im bad manager.
      As i always said, if someone want to take this responsibility, I will leave my position without any problem.

      Then i say go leave iam ready.

      He is liar also btw. Sneaky coward and liar. GG. 

    2. Wicked*


      Dont touch my profile Lardy u sh*tter xD

      Lmao. U guys made me laugh so much. Just look all this crybabys sucking his dick. He just doing nothing as a manager. Only that he do is changing cooldowns of maps. Thats all lol. Or mb someone explain that exactly he do more?

      50 admins but friday evening noone cant even come for server when we play hard maps. 50 admins only like 10 play on server and have no balls at all to control the game.  Ye at least we have 5-7 admins who really can do sh*t. But 5-7 from 50 is not enough. 

      U can keep sucking his dick and talk sh*t about me as much as u want i dont care about retarded opinions. I not scared like u to say that i think.

      Lmao he blocked my acc that a pussy xD

  11. said the guy who never was even close to be good. keep sucking life.
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