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  1. ty for report FPT but tell me exactly what i did wrong?
  2. Wicked*

    I forget one very important thing. After or during playing hamo's maps server often die but he says "its ok when server die at least we play good map".
  3. Wicked*

    Thank you for report finally u did it. Hamo thinks he know all maps better then others (like he know everything better then others) and because of that everybody have to play his maps ("cos its cool maps and he can LEAD it"). He spam literally in every vote (and before vote ofc) when he play server. The worst thing about it what he spam for same boring maps even when we have good team to play smth hard. At the beginning i didnt mute him but as result we played his maps about 3-5 hours in a row. I tried to talk with him about it like 10 times but u know gyus hamo cant understand words thats why i started to mute him almost every time when he spam. Btw as he complain about i didnt mute Fierce like him its just cos he didnt do it in 10/10 cases (5/10 max). I have good decision for this problem I saw it on other servers: can we make a plugin that just mute all players during the votes.
  4. Wicked*

    I thought its just formality cos u invited me. People can write everything here it dont mean its true. U perfectly know me as player so there is no point to doubt that i wont be able to do admin job. Its easy for me
  5. Wicked*

    For Lardy. Lmao man. I play ze several years in lots of server and have seen lots of admins (at least 50) doing their job. Only few of them was really good. Its not hard to be admin on this server like u say. Main options of ze admin to transfer items and ban knifers and thats almost all (ban cheaters, extend maps , mute players and ?). Managing items needs good map knowledge and ofc players (as already said I have it). I didnt know what u do with aimbots and? Now I know whats the problem? If u dont like me personaly its not mean that I will be bad admin ) Details about myself? For what? OK Just finished my 2 years army service. Now I dont work. After holidays I will be back to my job in bank. I love basketball, poker and sport bets. Is it enough? Or I have to make CV?
  6. Wicked*

    Lmao gyus so funny. I was not going to be admin. U gyus ASKED me to be. Now u want to know everything about me. WTF? It simple good player can be good admin. U can always demote me. So if u think what I have to tell u everything about my life to be admin u r wrong.
  7. Wicked*

    1. Michael, 25 years 2. STEAM_0:1:525795054 3. 10 years 4. I perfectly know this server, players and all maps 5. I never was admin in css but also perfectly know how to be 6. I play very often 7. I'll make him to understand that it's not allowed, warn, kick and if it not help - ban.