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  1. Lightning Strike

    +1 gl )
  2. Lightning Strike

    This easily explains why I ebanned u. Your holy was even worse than last time because in this situation, ur holy literally killed 0 zms. I already repeated myself last time and i will say it again: If someguy trolls and we still win the round, should the guy be ebanned or not? ofc he should. Its the same thing here. I also like how u say this, thinking that u wouldnt eban me yourself in this case. If the situation was reversed u would instantly eban me, just as I did with you (coz its the right action to do) Lol what are you talking about? Nice making up lies, I eba
  3. Lightning Strike

    So u are further validating my point that it was a sh*t holy. Good one. If we had a big trim like the round before, the round would be over and 1k damage would be nothing to save the team. He only used it at 1 WRONG place, which was right before the ship goes up and u tp to the big area with the reactor zone. and u instantly got angry and transfered. So just let him learn on the same map then??? TEACH him how to use it, u say that u are against enforcing it but u literally do it here in ur example???? If this is the case then u just simply dont want to ad
  4. Lightning Strike

    I dont need to ask players to see that its a sh*t holy. I have literally never seen holy being used there up until now, and as I said u are mentioning ghosts coz no one will support u in ur decision to use holy there Why do u think ppl call it creepytima? coz they named it after u, u being the first to use it in wester v8 boss couple of months ago. U may have not created it, but u popularized a sh*t holy. Using holy on dragon is a big waste. And I dont need to mention we both said DONT use holy at boss but u still decided to anyways. The only way i could see holy on boss being use
  5. Lightning Strike

    Its 1 hour since its not the first time u do creepytima aka use holy @ boss for no reason. 1000-1200 damage is nothing and its a massive waste, even if u didnt use holy no one would've died anyways as we would've killed it fast enough. Sure we didnt lose round coz of it, but thats not an excuse, if u troll and we dont lose the round, in ur eyes no eban should be issued? see how stupid u sound? We told u not to do it or eban. We dont let ppl get away with a yek, they will always be ebanned (unless its mako) Creepy plz stop mentioning ghosts, no one will say its a good hol
  6. Lightning Strike

    You are still running away from the fact that you're a sad nolife troller who constantly avoids bans, in which said nolife troller I thought that player was. Maybe its time for you to finally grow up and realize that you're pathetic.
  7. Lightning Strike

    I wonder how you feel about your life, knowing full well this is all you do in your free time; being a sad nolifer that comes to troll. I like how you are playing dumb knowing full well why did that. I thought it was you and thats why I did that. When you put a criminal in a room with 50 lookalikes sometimes we will get the wrong one, other times we hit the jackpot (doorhug)
  8. Lightning Strike

  9. Lightning Strike

  10. Lightning Strike

  11. Lightning Strike

    While I do see that you are active on the server and you care about ze you aren't fit for admin right now. You are already mentioning about witch-hunting people in your post which is already a massive red flag and (while it might not be true) I can already assume you will let your emotions control your actions and you will do irrational stuff as an admin. -1 But I still suggest LSA to accept you so you wont make 10 more apps in the future
  12. Lightning Strike

    yoo while I dont have much of a say exactly in the report/abuse here i would like to ask a question why the fk was he repromoted in the first place lol when he was LSA before being demoted for inactivity, I dont remember him doing anything except causing nice drama like this and having great activity stats such as "1-3hr/ per month" there were some times where i was chilling with some other admins, and when we looked back at lsa's (at that time) Stone, killik and lardy we completely forgot lmntrix even existed/was lsa ,cause he was never fkin active now that hes
  13. Lightning Strike

  14. Lightning Strike

    @ShadowCreepy question How much damage exactly does it do?
  15. Lightning Strike

    If they had wind and freeze it was actually easy win (unless they died in laser) its auto trigger, they can use items before lasers for easy win.
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