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  1. Understandable, as i said its fine in some situations but ur example is not the best like gagging for super heavy insults towards person/religion/country/ is fine but even then its not so common, "g*y admin" shouldnt even be insulting it literally means like nothing compared to what most ppl say in ze. Oh and u can also just gag that person for spam if he says it 10+ times btw. Btw u still have to fix wester v7 entwatch and deadcore s7 insane bosshud. Wester v7 entwatch is bugged, if you use an item it will still say e.g "Fire[R]" when it should be like 60s cooldown instead. deadcore s7 insane bosshud does not appear on boss.
  2. This is true, there are too many admins atm who dont have enough experience to actually moderate a server but they're still admins anyways. Nide is very obviously desperate for new admins, which is why everyone gets accepted; because they need more admins. Problem is those people who get accepted are really new and dont have enough experience. Ofc these admins can still learn from their mistakes/from other admins, but I rarely actually see them learning from their mistakes and ive seen so many admins do dumb stuff for example in every mako session, the same troller knifes on the same spot again and again and again, even if you call it out they will be too slow and not react fast enough, and that troller ruins the round. Funny part is 90% of the time most nide admins go spec during mako, but they still dont slay/ban the knifer fast enough. This is 100% true, tbh even when I was admin I dont actually remember seriously muting/gagging someone for insulting me, i mean, you are literally admin in probably the most toxic gamemode of css, racial slurs, toxic words are normal and are pretty much part of the ze etiquette. By muting/gagging someone for "admin disrespect" or "toxic" it means you arent ready to be an admin (ofc there may be very rare and special exceptions where this isnt applied). It is also funny coz im 90% sure these admins think that they are higher than these normal players just coz they are admin and think they should be respected because of it, hence the mutes; truth is is that respect needs to be earned and not demanded, and no one will respect you just because you are admin. s7 insane bhud has been broken since 1 year or more and it still hasnt been fixed. I dont know wtf happened to wester v7 entwatch, i heard some event broke it. These should be both fixed asap. Mako wester cosmo will always be troll maps, your job as an admin is to prevent trollers / ban or eban if they troll, but the problem is is you guys legit dont do anything, whenever someone trolls it takes you too long to react or you just dont react at all, ive seen literally people blatantly knifing / trolling with items and getting away with it. Oh and most new players are brainwashed by some players into thinking "ff = bad" because it "kills" server, trollers or whatever, even myself when i was new i had this mentality but when i started playing ff maps i actually enjoyed them What he meant is that admins will eban / bans are really inconsistent, and sometimes you will get a huge eban / ban when you shouldn't get it. e.g i was banned 1 hr for trolling. Sure i respect the ban, i trolled and i accept it, problem is is that this ban literally got increased to 1 day. Wtf? This was my first time getting banned since 2020 (lol) and its increased like this? Thankfully i talked to lsa and he reduced it to 8 hrs. U should look carefully into sourcebans, or ask other admins about certain players regarding ban times otherwise if you do unnaturally unhealthy bans like this people will be upset and it will lead to future complaints. Another example is a person in wester v8 yesterday used selfish heal 2 times (Only he and some of his friends would get heal). This killed maybe 3-5 people and was his first time trolling in the week, this lead to him getting a 700 minute eban, Wtf? This eban should be max 120 minutes, it is unnaturally high for no reason. If it was a huge troll like with earth or using wind to boost zms sure it would be understandable but making it this high for no reason doesn't make any sense. There was a stripper on the server to prevent said telehop (courtesy of Klixus) but idk wtf happened to it. There should be a stripper to fix the telehop asap or more zms will ruin the round. Also this telehop should be bannable btw for the meantime
  3. It's possible to win at that part with 3 humans, its easy to defend there (at the gate) and since u can early trigger next part with skip it means zms cant reach u fast enough to kill u, and after that part zms have no chance of killing you unless u fk up majorly and fall down/mess up bhop.
  4. what a fantastic way of handling server criticism; instead of listening to the players and giving a professional response, you literally decide to tell us to stop playing on the server xDDD
  5. i agree nide has been going downhill since long time now and it would be nice if the current management finally stepped up and did something about it. nide admins are super flawed atm. (with some special exceptions) most of the time they dont take any actions because they are scared, inexperienced, sleeping, lacks a pair of balls, or all of them together. wicked said everything else i wanted to say about nide admins. it would be nice if current lsa's did something too, back then old lsa's used to teach trials/normal admins and actually helped them alot (can say with experience) and in general they just used to do something. most of the current nide admins just join the server and have no idea what they are doing in which lsa's can easily fix.
  6. This easily explains why I ebanned u. Your holy was even worse than last time because in this situation, ur holy literally killed 0 zms. I already repeated myself last time and i will say it again: If someguy trolls and we still win the round, should the guy be ebanned or not? ofc he should. Its the same thing here. I also like how u say this, thinking that u wouldnt eban me yourself in this case. If the situation was reversed u would instantly eban me, just as I did with you (coz its the right action to do) Lol what are you talking about? Nice making up lies, I ebanned the guy after he yekked but I think he reconnected and avoided the eban which I didnt see (I might be wrong in this since I didnt see him pick up any items anyways) I rly love how u say "check demo" while u dont even check demo in the first place to make ur point clear Speaking of avoiding ebans u already did this in that session full well knowing its not allowed. I was being kind by ebanning you for map thinking that you would accept it was a sh*t holy and move on but u avoided it and after I had to re-eban you for 1 hour. And it seems as if I wasnt clear on my last point. After I ebanned you, u started calling me a nazi and saying I have a personal vendetta against you which is obviously not true. I have nothing against you or anyone in ze (which is partly why I gave u a low eban and allowed some autism in the last ff sessions, coz i dont care anymore im just here to have fun) And I hope I dont have to mention again that you have a personal vendetta against many many many people in ze which you used your admin to give much more harsh punishments against them. I wont mention their names because I dont want ppl to get involved in drama they dont have any business in.
  7. So u are further validating my point that it was a sh*t holy. Good one. If we had a big trim like the round before, the round would be over and 1k damage would be nothing to save the team. He only used it at 1 WRONG place, which was right before the ship goes up and u tp to the big area with the reactor zone. and u instantly got angry and transfered. So just let him learn on the same map then??? TEACH him how to use it, u say that u are against enforcing it but u literally do it here in ur example???? If this is the case then u just simply dont want to admit that u fked up 90% of the time. Here is a pro tip that I learned before I retired, whenever u fk up and u realize u are in the wrong, simply admit that u fked up, learn from ur mistake and move on. No drama neccesary, and this is one of the situations where u realized that u fked up. U just simply dont want to be in the wrong. My point can be further validated coz u didnt want to admit u got demoted coz u abused in stalker. Today a poor guy misused an heal mby 1-2 times, Sure he might've fked up before, but in that session I only saw him fk up 1-2 times (correct if wrong) and u started flaming him and asking for perma eban (was dreamin v3 session) instead of teaching him. Again u are further validating my point that u just dont want to be seen in the wrong. Oh and plz dont compare nide and zed, they are very different servers and as always u bring up csgo in ur arguments and I said numerous times that csgo ze is just fking sh*t. And for my final question, creepy r u bipolar or do u have some mental problems? This is not a joke or meant to insult you, I mean this serious. The recent behaviour u have been showing in nide is clearly not normal, and the fact that you CONSTANTLY deny the truth, YOU DONT WANT to be seen in the wrong. U BLAME OTHERS (me) when U FKED UP (ur demotion), u MIMIC other people's behaviour. and the fact that u constantly CHANGE UR OPINION about something just so u get the upper hand, Before u were admin u wanted yeks (u always asked for them in wester session) then u became admin, u started hating yeks. Sure I can understand ppl change, then after u got ur admin frozen for abuse u started wanting yeks again, then boom re-promoted and starting hating yeks. I am done arguing with you, I will just let higher ups deal with this as it feels as if I cant talk common sense into some1.
  8. I dont need to ask players to see that its a sh*t holy. I have literally never seen holy being used there up until now, and as I said u are mentioning ghosts coz no one will support u in ur decision to use holy there Why do u think ppl call it creepytima? coz they named it after u, u being the first to use it in wester v8 boss couple of months ago. U may have not created it, but u popularized a sh*t holy. Using holy on dragon is a big waste. And I dont need to mention we both said DONT use holy at boss but u still decided to anyways. The only way i could see holy on boss being useful, is if there was a big trim, and its used to stop the trim. In the situation where YOU used it, it was a big waste coz even if u DIDNT use it, we would have killed the boss with no trim and no problems anyways. Dont act like the holy helped the team, as it did nothing but mby save 5-10 seconds from the round. I understand ur point, even I agree with it but the thing is is that most of the time ppl who enforce it know what they are talking about. Dont act like a victim, u enforce when to use an item when ur leading 90% of the time anyways. I remember when u were donate admin we were playing starwars, and just coz a guy used grip the way u didnt want it to be used u transfered it to urself and when ppl tried to argue u did wrong u just !sm'ed them coz u didnt want to fight the truth. And im not playing ze since "few months", Sure am newfag but am playing ze since 1 year. (not alot but still)
  9. Its 1 hour since its not the first time u do creepytima aka use holy @ boss for no reason. 1000-1200 damage is nothing and its a massive waste, even if u didnt use holy no one would've died anyways as we would've killed it fast enough. Sure we didnt lose round coz of it, but thats not an excuse, if u troll and we dont lose the round, in ur eyes no eban should be issued? see how stupid u sound? We told u not to do it or eban. We dont let ppl get away with a yek, they will always be ebanned (unless its mako) Creepy plz stop mentioning ghosts, no one will say its a good holy since it was a complete waste. And finally dont bring csgo into the argument, csgo has nothing to do with css so dont copy csgo ""tactics"" into css. Thanks in advance. Oh and I want to mention I have nothing against you but it seems as if u are taking it rather personal. Take it as a note that you got yourself demoted by abusing on stalker by freezing/stripping zms/respawning yourself/and not caring about admin guidelines. *cough* ze_doom3_v1 - 12/15/2020 @ 18:01:06 Creepy<469><[U:1:374036212]><> triggered sm_psay to RockLeeTheGreenBeast<354><[U:1:58283735]><> (text honestly? lightning strike helped plex, norisk and his friends to take me out of admin)
  10. You are still running away from the fact that you're a sad nolife troller who constantly avoids bans, in which said nolife troller I thought that player was. Maybe its time for you to finally grow up and realize that you're pathetic.
  11. I wonder how you feel about your life, knowing full well this is all you do in your free time; being a sad nolifer that comes to troll. I like how you are playing dumb knowing full well why did that. I thought it was you and thats why I did that. When you put a criminal in a room with 50 lookalikes sometimes we will get the wrong one, other times we hit the jackpot (doorhug)
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