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  1. Lightning Strike

  2. Lightning Strike

    Hey there, I admit it was me who did 1 more round extend. I also set insane next round since we had time for a few more rounds, I have nothing to say regarding change to god mode. (Since it wasnt me) Now for the extend: Again I have not much to say, in the server its been a long since we beaten insane, so I decided to extend 1 more round so we can have a chance. But I see that it was a better idea not to extend and just let it change to nextmap, or atleast make a vote. I will remember for next time to not repeat this again. Thanks for the report.
  3. Lightning Strike

    7, Read dead redemption 2
  4. Lightning Strike

    +1 I havent seen you that much before, but I feel like you could still be good. Good luck
  5. Lightning Strike

    Almost every ze server punishes zms for spinning with item and you said to me that unloze slays first then bans. So you knew the rule and still broke it anyways and got banned. I will let higher admins do the rest
  6. Lightning Strike

    Another reason to why its 1 day is because its event, rules are extra strict on event.
  7. Lightning Strike

    well it was just some unnecessary fun i guess, the map is rather easy and chill so i couldnt care any less if it was a tryhard map I would never do that. thats about all i have to say, ill let higher admins do the rest
  8. Lightning Strike

    Neutral, while the application is great and very well written, I dont see you that often on the server. However I have heard that you were from old nide so, Good luck lad
  9. Lightning Strike

    yeah yeah same bullsh*t coming from you. I havent seen you lead any map ever, so why use that as an excuse? all you do is f*ck up and then play the victim like 10 times till you finally realize we're not falling for it then apologize. you said you didnt care about an eban, but after i gave you 1 month eban u were constantly insulting me because of that. you didnt learn from 1 week mute, and now youre pissed you cant spam your sb. I will keep the mute myself, but it is up to higher admins to decide if they also agree.
  10. Lightning Strike

    Hey glory, good to see you here Active and not bad donated admin. Good luck lad +1
  11. Lightning Strike

    Damn what a surprise ure sorry after being perma Perhaps u could've also been sorry before u insulted admins or when avoided mutes or when avoided bans or when avoided being perma
  12. Lightning Strike

    Yo yo Evil chill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Lightning Strike

    On the serious note, you could at the very least give us some maps on where they troll "check demos" isnt the best reply since there are 1000 demos and we cant check all in 1 day. If you are correct, we will be more strict.
  14. Lightning Strike

    Escaping from the Nemesis ze_boatescape_remix ze_rocket_escape ze_rooftop_runawayv1 ze_rooftop_runawayv2 ze_jurassicpark_c1v4 Kickers: No smoke grenades No sniper rifles Nemesis will have extra speed (more than the normal) Bhop disabled 2 days of VIP for every map won (Change anything if u want)
  15. Lightning Strike

    7, Red Dead Redemption 2