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  1. Plex

    lying about your age and stating your 13 is very serious especially since now you say you're 24. what they've said is true you have shown a lack of maturity. -1 from me, good luck.
  2. Plex

    +1 such a good app
  3. Plex

    +1 active player and a really good admin
  4. Plex

    I don't get the point of this report, you said this isn't about wael but the whole reason you got banned was because of ur frustration towards WAEL + you literally said Which admin stated "stop crying" to you, because I don't remember anyone saying that to the best of my knowledge. Which admin was this? Donated Admins should ban but they aren't forced to if this is what you're talking about. If there was a server admin on please state it in the report rather than just say "admins"
  5. Plex

    You were ebanned yes, then I realized the severity of what you did, you blocked the mako lazer with earth and you literally typed out before hand "im gonna troll on mako now" because of what wael did, I stated I wasn't here multiple times and if I was wael would've been punished accordingly. At first I had set your ban to 1440 (1 day) and then I lowered it as I understood why you were angry. The eban only lasted for the map, you were banned for 2 hours a map doesn't last for 2 hours. the eban does nothing to your stats nor does it show. I don't understand why a donated admin slapped. There's nothing wrong with the guidelines you're just frustrated at wael.
  6. Plex

    I've seen you on a lot, you're active and seem like a cool person +1 good luck homie
  7. Plex

    No proof, and he mutes people for spamming rtv when the map isnt over, or just spamming their mic in general. I was on the server nothing he did was out of the ordinary or wrong.
  8. Plex

    just as they said hes an active player, he knows the rules, doesn't troll +1 from me
  9. Plex

    Whilst the idea of racism is annoying at times, it's completely allowed on this community. If you were to become admin you aren't allowed to gag, mute, ban unless they are directing it towards you in a disrespectful way.
  10. Plex

    I've literally never seen you in my life -1
  11. Plex

    Even tho you haven't really been on too long You seem like a good person, this app is pretty good and if I'm correct you've formerly been admin on HOE community. +1
  12. Plex

    +1 good app