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  1. we gonna ignore the fact this dude joins an ff map, and spams in chat and mic for us to rock the vote? dude literally said he was leaving yesterday because the map was ff. This coming from the dude that constantly calls people on the server f*cking retards and trash when losing a map lmao. This is the dumbest analogy I've seen in a while. You're comparing hacking to an admin abusing a nomination and then gagging because he questioned it? Werent you showing peoples faces in discord the other day? take your own advice retard.
  2. nah you reported me before for the same thing and it got denied, why would you use that holy again even if you know that there's consequences? I also didn't eban you for a hour like lightning did, I ebanned you for a day.
  3. Wicked, you will literally call anyone a retard when you get the chance. Someone messes up a trigger? They're a retard. Someone f*cks up with an item? They're a retard. Someone dies? They're a retard. Take m4dara's incident on Mako v6 for example. You started sh*t talking because he did a ZM trigger as a ZM. You can't possibly talk about respect when you don't give it, you can't even follow your own word. Like you said, we're here to have fun and play the game. You said you are pivo as a joke so I said you are RZE Pivo. Whats the difference? Is that gag really justified then? If you can't take jokes as simple as this then its on you, not me. The same way Rocklee said wah wah before NoRisk did and you didn't say anything to him. But NoRisk says it once and was immediately gagged for 1 day and you let it happen. You can't be hypocritical about these sorts of things.
  4. They are rarely/never on the server to provoke you?
  5. If mine was deserved in your eyes what about Haziwas, or NoRisks? You literally have no reply towards them.
  6. I truly forgot about the conversation we had on the discord as I didn't care. The entire time I was on the server, I never typed to you and the one time I did I said "RZE | Pivo" because I was re-ebanned because of you. I also never sh*t talked Creepy you can go watch the demo, and whenever hes "doing some little mistakes" I literally type "???" or "wtf why?". You also called yourself pivo 2.0 before While we were on the server before the incident we never spoke to you, creepy or any other players.
  7. wasn't spam, pay attention to the recording please. If anything rock lee was spamming his mic.
  8. 1: Your own ingame name Plex2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:1:5397634583: Name of the admin(s) involved Creepy, Wicked4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map westersand v76: Time and date 11-25-20 16:40 ish7/8.Explain the situation We played wester v7, I typed RZE | Pivo in chat and he gagged me for 1 day and other people that joined in His excuse for this was. After gagging me I rejoined the server with the name RZE | Pivo, he kicked me first to change the name but I felt there was nothing wrong with the name itself. So I rejoined and got banned for 10 minutes for the reason "change name" Here comes Creepy's part. If you go to around 4 minutes you can see wicked warning him about saying "wah" but creepy just decided to mute him for 1 day. He also went afk to save the video of him getting muted, came back into the game moved a little bit and got banned a day for "inflating" There's more evidence but I don't have it all, go watch the demo.
  9. Hes literally brang out his phone to spam sounds through his sh*t mic multiple times.
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