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  1. Hatdog

  2. Hatdog

    +1 malala still a virgin retarded guy with no life
  3. Hatdog

    +1 goodluck my guy
  4. nigga welcome


    1. Shinozàki
    2. Hatdog


      nigga why you chinese


    3. Shinozàki


      nigga ni hao ma

  5. Hatdog

    Good donated admun +1
  6. Hatdog

    +1 good player hopefully good admun(☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  7. Hatdog

    Make a battle pass so we have something to achieve while playing on ZE. Points Mechanics: Make missions to level up the battle pass, etc Rewards: Player Skins, etc Add more suggestion to make this work and put in the Ze nide server
  8. bye

    1. AbNer


      Dude! Are you and LOLYOU1337 the Same guy ?

  9. Hatdog

    Yeah nice job team
  10. Hatdog

    Nika will host and we win easy
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