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  1. DeMoN

    Jaco please,use the template : and give us more info when and on what map that happend. Topic locked.
  2. DeMoN

    Pretty decent application u got here, but don't you think that you should give yourself more time since you are new? You got to have a decent knowledge for maps since the admin is not used only to prevent people to spam or knife zombies. There are so many more things and you should learn them slowly. I see that you are active and you got desire to be admin , but If I were you I would give some more time to learn the gamemode more. You got my -1 for the early applying, BUT for a future one you got my +1 since you are a nice guy in the server and I can see that you will be a good admin.
  3. DeMoN

    Tiger so u actually did it ? Despite your sexual passion about FF maps , you are a good,active guy with knowledge of the gamemode. Good luck ! 1+
  4. DeMoN

    Hazi,the random player was Malala. If the ban was just random ban the player was going to report in the forums for sure. If u ever see a ban like that again don't bother. Topic locked.
  5. DeMoN

    Good answers, a decent player and indeed, you can make the server laugh. Anyways, with all the skills and knowledge that u got I would be happy to see you in our team. Good luck!
  6. DeMoN

    A quiet guy with no intentions to troll or spam. You indeed have a knowledge of maps and good skills in general. I would like you to be a part of the team. Good luck! 1+
  7. Hello everybody. We are giving you the chance to nominate and suggest maps , which can include special kickers. Since you (the players) are the core of this server I believe that you deserve to give your suggestions. We will consider all of your ideas and the best ones will win by most likes. You can either give an idea for Event or Mini event. Event requirements - Nominate at least 3 difficult maps. -Write special kickers in () after the map name. (optional) -Nominate maps that are not used recently (in the recent 1 month) -Bring up an original name fo
  8. DeMoN

    Your app will be declined due to the rule of age. I would like to say that I am thankful for your time spent on server and previous adminship.Good Luck Sito! Topic closed.
  9. DeMoN

    I want to see you as the admin u were at the start. You are doing a decent job as an admin and I'm wishing you good luck ! 1+
  10. DeMoN

    Beside soundboard spam, a good guy and this will be a great opportunity for you to build up more! Good luck 1+
  11. If we increase the limit for FF maps we are losing our "Final Fantasy" players,if we limit nemesis maps we are losing our "Nemesis" players and so on... Sometimes it is really hard to balance things,unfortunately, even if we want to. The real problem in my eyes is the same maps every day. I really wanted to bring back some of the old maps on the table but players are used to either surf/nemesis/knife map or FF. There are plenty of short maps that don't include lasers or nemesis , which players are just not familliar with... We will figure out something in the future so you
  12. DeMoN

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