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Locked Batatatata's obsession with "inflation"


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[Excuse me, I didn't know or expect it was impossible to edit your posts on this forum which is kinda defective. I knew it wasn't finished when I posted it (e.g. needed demo), and I immediately checked the formal requirements after the post, although I should rather had done it before.]   

1: Negromeistro

2: STEAM_0:1:18617719

3: Batatatata (the retard "Bro Man Salavar" may have misled him, but he is seemingly not an admin or a player with authority) 

4: Zombie Escape

5:  ze_fiendlordkeep

6: 16. June 2019  

7:  Batatata is eagerly trying to interpret any situation where I die to the zombies as I'm inflating. In the worst case, I did not even die to the zombies, but I was just spawned as a zombie and I got banned in 6 days. (this is what I'm mainly complaining about now)

8:  I'm playing in this tick interval kinda 42k-90k https://ufile.io/zfjtw80p 

Further explanation: 

So yeah, I have inflated several times because I do actually possess a bit of sportsmanship, and I want the game just to be a little competitive. I do it when I assess that zombies stand absolutely no chance, that counts especially for some of the very few maps where sv_enablebunnyhopping is set to 0. In these maps zombies only have the opportunity to win as far as they can hope that some of the CT's do some retarded mistakes, which they sometimes do but that doesn't make the game competitive, but rather a "single team play".      

Anyway, when that is pointed out, the rule is ofc. that you are not allowed to inflate, so I will have to accept that rule in any instance.

However, I usually do that now, but Batatata is eagerly trying to interpret any situation where I die to the zombies as I'm inflating. In the worst case, I did not even die to the zombies, but I was just spawned as a zombie and I got banned in 6 days. (this is what I'm mainly complaining about now).

The problem is too that sometimes I just like to play risky, and that is not the same as inflating. I did that the second last time I was banned which I also felt was unjust.   

Despite the several times I actually have inflated, a ban must ofc. be carried out as a reaction to a specific action and not to a vague, undefined set of actions in the past. 

I have also heard that the custom when a player continually breaks a rule is that for each extra case you do the specific violation, 30 minutes is added to the length of the ban. Does that rule seem ignored by Batatata? I went from being banned in 30 minutes to 6 days if you look here: https://bans.nide.gg/index.php?p=servers         











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First: Thanks for letting me know you could not edit your first report, i'll look into it.

Second: I also enjoy playing on zm team, bhopping, strafing and using shortcuts to kill plebs. But it's not up to players to decide whether or not zombies need help. Most maps are zombie favoured, meaning that humans failing and becoming zms (forgetting tps, missing jumps, going the wrong way, bad defense) is a part of the gameplay. 

Third: As for the ban duration, we try to keep a natural progression for repeated offenses. Going from 30min to 1 week seems a bit harsh, yes. But @Batata will have to explain his side of the story before any change is made.

Fourth (off-topic): Send me a message if you are not allowed to reply to this, in that case i need to fix that aswell.

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  • Server Admin

Well, first of all, talking about that specific ban, i didn't ban you because you spawned as a zombie. I banned because you were not supposed to be playing the event, since you were supposed to be banned for 1 week. So basically, i was replacing my ban on you. Masking IP to avoid bans is also bannable, btw, so if you do it again the ban will increase.

About your ban before that, it was on ze_pkmn_v9. On stage 4, you clearly touched the boss on purpose and suicided and then you started trying to telehoping on the next part after boss died. Same in ze_aepp_nano (recent days), maybe you didn't die there (i didn't ban that time), but you clearly tried to strafe near the zombies so you could die and knife the person that was defending close to them (1 of them was me btw, so bad luck, because i saw it). As a player that has much experience on ZE, i don't need an action to be executed to know if he's gonna troll or not. I often see players at the spawn or behind some obstacles ready to knife the zombies forward, even if they fail knifing doesn't mean that's not bannable, because he's just being a toxic player trying to kill his own team. That is to say, i don't need to watch you inflating 10000 times to conclude that you always break the rules. As a result, if the attitude is frequent, that only shows that you're not learning and therefore, in my opinion (you can say it's against the rules), there's no need to increase slowly the ban minute by minute when i already know that your mentality will not change and for that, the ban should be longer.

My first ban on you was only 30 mins. It's new NIDE, i guess he will wake up to reality again and see that inflating is bannable, even if the server is now different. With that ban i gave you... not a 2nd chance, but a 100000th chance to redeem yourself. But i was wrong. You kept on doing it or at least trying to.

So considering all the moments i have seen you playing on the servers, not just NiDE, but also Unloze, you clearly show that you still don't accept the rules. You're not changing. So maybe with 1 week of ban you will start to pay attention that  inflating is as an important rule like all the others and needs to be punished harder if it's frequent. So this ban of 1 week it's not just about what you did since Nide.gg was founded. I watch you playing since Pivo was part of the admin team and you still inflated at that time. So if i would be considering all the bans that you previously had, this ban would be way longer, so be glad it's just 1 week.

"The problem is too that sometimes I just like to play risky, and that is not the same as inflating". You're a bhoping god and you don't know that you gotta keep the distance from the zombies? Every ban that i gave you is because you literally go touch the zombies to get killed or you just go around the zombies without caring if you gonna be alive or not. So you not gonna buy me with that argument.

Concluding, i'm not gonna reduce the ban, it stays as it is. If you inflate again, i will make sure to have proofs to support a 2 weeks ban. That doesn't mean i'm gonna ban you if you die, of course. But if, in my view you die on purpose to show your bhop skills as a zombie, it will be a ban for 2 weeks.


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I was unbanned by an admin. 

... And I do that often where I go extremely close to shoot the boss, e.g., on ze_shrooms. I do that because the shots hurt more, the closer range from the target you shoot at them- as you can see here, though it is cs:go, but same principles count for css https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit#gid=5  . At some bosses you can go so close as possible without you are dying - it is not always the case, but I just took the risk as I didn't know. Taking risk is not the same as inflating ... My purpose was to explore the map, not to join the zombies. 

In ze_aepp_nano I don't know what you're talking about ... Often I take risk where I go back and forth to shoot the zombies, but I was not meant to inflate in that situation. Btw, it is important to add, that I have never tried to inflate in such way where I could anticipate immediately after the inflation to kill the CT's, e.g. edging strats. If I wanted to do that, I would use edging strats. I have never edged before. No, I don't try to take advantages like that ... That is very unsportsmanlike. As I have told before, I inflate for fairness, but Batatata's obsession with formalism seems to overwhelm true sportsmanship ... so I have agreed to follow that rule. 

Good, the servers were restored; data is deleted. The burden of proof lays on the accusing party, not the accused. So I don't care, but shortly, I will comment on that.  I don't remember how many times I was banned, we can't find the "ban pattern" anymore, so we can't examine if the ban length is in accordance with the other bans.

As I said in my initial post, a ban should be a reaction to specifically defined actions and not "what vaguely happened in the past". That is an amateurish and tyrannic custom to enforce justice, despite it is, ofc., a private community.   

So my suggestion is, f*ck what happened before the restoration of the server.




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I will not undermine the decision Batata made, as he is probably right about your previous offenses.
Due to this report we will from now on not base punishments from previously stored databases or offenses made on other servers, but on the offenses made on our servers alone. 

Topic closed.

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