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Locked f*cking Chekster


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are you stupid?
I understand you're jealous of me and you can't deal with it.
so are looking for any reasons to give ban
Whereeeee Teamkill????
I missed the first time and he missed and was behind
in the end the second time he flew into the corner of a wall
look demo f*cking asshole
3-4 times there threw other and banili only me
there, under the demo shows that the dispute sitution
f*ck off already from me
Everyone knows that Klixus on your side
these degenerates like you, I've never met and you're jealous for sure

Klixus thank you, that there is such adminy thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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First of all, next time you make a report please use the correct format:


Second, I have looked at the demo and the ban was not justified seeing as the zombie was not intended to be boosted there. I am unbanning you. 


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I will say my opinion here, there are limitations to how many I can ban and to how much i can pay attention, one of the knifers was a admin. I banned the one I saw that was not admin. I think that unbanning is not fair. The other knifers did not cause teamills. I think its not fair to unbann. Hes getting to many chances. 

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