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  1. William! :D

    @Monkey D Luffy I will join if you actually lead all maps. You have my vote.
  2. William! :D

    Third try's the charm.. maybe "Escaping in different biomes" ze_frozentemple_b8_2 ze_NY_marathon_v4_1 ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 ze_ancient_wrath_v1_fix2 (remove this one if too long)
  3. William! :D

    Ye, so you better not be there then or pick up items :lenny:
  4. William! :D

    These nominations are why batata doesn't do nomination threads on nide
  5. William! :D

    @willy wilson lead LMS or demoted
  6. William! :D

    +100000000 GOOD LUCK WILLY!!!!
  7. William! :D

    Honestly I have no idea who you are, never heard of you (or maybe I just don't know that I have). But this is a very well written application! I've only got positive things to say about it. Best of luck to you!
  8. William! :D

    Hi Pivo)
  9. William! :D

    Fierce: *Trolls multiple times and ruins the game for others* Fierce: *Gets targeted by admin and shreds massive tears* Thonk
  10. William! :D

    "this is the worst event i have ever played." - @Chivas
  11. William! :D

    Not gonna lie, Nide is probably the best ZE server right now
  12. William! :D

    This is a big -1 The entire application feels like that typical "yes I have a gf but you wouldn't know her because she goes to another school" lie. This player supposedly played long on nide but with different names? Further he claims he was admin in 3 ze servers but doesn't name which 3. Fortunately for him marshal can provide one. Lastly his answer to the aimbot question shows great incompetence. As somebody who has been admin 3 times already, he should know better. And seeing as he has supposedly had 3 trials as admin on ze, a 4th is not needed. Simply not admin material. Marshalls comment further confirms this.
  13. William! :D

    As always, batata has cooked up a really nice event
  14. William! :D

    Batata a gay weeb confirmed
  15. William! :D

    Promotion over!