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  1. William! :D

    We deeeeed it
  2. William! :D

    Are you sure you want to do another map after megaman. It may or may not be long.
  3. William! :D

    As someone who plays with low fps and sometimes have to deal with unstable internet, this is a bit sad for me. I get that people desperately want to win maps but banning because they do not complete an objective of a map is worrying. I myself always try to shoot anyway but almost every time I shoot, I die. Please do not make this into a rule.
  4. William! :D

    My honest take: You have the potential to be a good admin but you are not there yet. Since you have been a ze player for so long and you have experience from a lot of overplayed maps, you know them by heart and their strategies. Therefore you are a bit blinded. I have seen you for instance e-transfer items just because some guy died with them. Even if he was not trolling and actually using the item. He was just not as good or did not know the strategy. As admin you have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the players and not only make sure the gameplay follows a certain predefined order that you have from experience. Yes, ze players are "retarded" . But we are not supposed to carry out eugenics here xD I think if you are ready to drop your entire previous admin-mentality and start over and learn things again you would fit in. There is more to being an admin than punishing people. You deserve a new chance but make it count. Also buy a new microphone already...
  5. William! :D

    "he wanted to try what is lazer hack, but it's went too far... he wasnt able to stop" I am sorry but this cracked me up. Crippling laserhack addiction smh xD
  6. William! :D

    This is literally what I f*cking said xDD Everyone gets that nide is not unloze but you're the ONLY one trying to still yell to us "GUYS UNLOZE IS NOT NIDE". We get it. Stick to the topic instead. Whether you like it or not, credibility of players go a long way and affect a lot. But yes, it is not a final evidence. Obviously?? That still dismisses the point of you distributing a major advantage to people and acting like it's only a cosmetic. That seems kinda the opposite from trying to create a fair game for EVERYONE xD Why do you constantly mention "solos" in your every message. You're using that to dismiss my entire point once more... I suggest you read again and try to see what I write instead of what you want to reply with. If not, ask me to re-explain my point. Maybe it wasn't clear but it has nothing to do with a solo. Stop recycling arguments that only dismiss every point. There is only one constant here in this report: Nide has no proof nuk has laserhacked on NIDE
  7. William! :D

    Maybe there are no restrictions on retexturising lasers YET but perhaps there ought to be a discussion amongst admins if there should be. Unlike weapon textures, fpt, lasertextures do give a MAJOR advantage. You are acting like you merely spread a cosmetic to people xDD This aside, he was caught with proof on unloze but there is no proof yet he has laserhacked on nide. Apart from his 100% winrate on lasers in every condition even if everyone else dies lmao. I have been spectating him all the time. Did he suddenly become a laser god? Botox has been using a laserhack on this map for years so I dont know what fpt is on about that it is not possible. The only real issue is that you guys havent TRIED proofing he hacks yet. I think Willy wilson put it the bes tho. Nuk has no merit and credibility left and his toxicity and previous lies on unloze doesnt help much to prove his case. He may have stopped using the hacks (not only laser but for instance aim too). There are ways to test these but no admin on nide has tested yet. All you did was watch a video where other people survive too. And you just instant ban the guy. Put in some work.
  8. William! :D

  9. William! :D

    How does that work, tho? "Gee I really don't want to stay home. I want to go out and do sh*t BUT I have nide VIP so I'll instead wear funny skins in an online game"
  10. William! :D

    @Monkey D Luffy I will join if you actually lead all maps. You have my vote.
  11. William! :D

    Third try's the charm.. maybe "Escaping in different biomes" ze_frozentemple_b8_2 ze_NY_marathon_v4_1 ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 ze_ancient_wrath_v1_fix2 (remove this one if too long)
  12. William! :D

    Ye, so you better not be there then or pick up items :lenny:
  13. William! :D

    These nominations are why batata doesn't do nomination threads on nide
  14. William! :D

    @willy wilson lead LMS or demoted
  15. William! :D

    +100000000 GOOD LUCK WILLY!!!!