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  1. Let's sum this up in english: - Humans missed the heal item. It was not picked up. - During the bossfight, Tiger transfered the item to himself with the reason "If we lose, laserfags will cry for an extend and I can't give them one according to the rules" - But somehow transfering an item to you is according to the rules? Apparently it's not a miss-use of power when the round is lost? - But the round was lost even with the heal item??? Did laserfags cry for an extend?? I need this paradox answered, please. - Am I satisfied? Sure as hell I am. Ty Creepy and Tiger.
  2. This man speaks the truth
  3. Temple event and no temple_raider or hidden_temple? :C
  4. Big +1 Just a great admin overall.
  5. Huge props to all the nide admins that mute people who mic spam over me during tryhard leading sessions. I don't even have to ask most of the time, if I am tryhard leading and people spam their mics over me they almost always get issued a shorter mute. Happens only on nide :3
  6. Never knew you were this young before I think you definitely have the ZE experience. And while you have a good mentality, I also see you have one relatively new ban for teamkilling. The trial period will be a good chance for you to prove your application true. I hope to see you active on NA hours. Good luck! +1
  7. Admins on nide these days still think materia usage is only about only saving bad teammates. Perhaps that is why nide loses so many maps. How can someone who chose a utilitarian approach, i.e has a better materia strategy that helps the team win the round but does not save the noobs who do not know the map as well or do mistakes, get ebanned? "because players complained"?? All that karma talk by fierce is only dismissing it. The fact that everybody is onboard that tendub did not troll but you just did not understand his methods or gave in to people crying is a bit worrying. At least put some effort into responding or show signs of potential future redemption.
  8. The truth about Lardy. Someone who took on a big responsibility and is establishing him well as management. It was a very uncertain time when new management had to be found as batata was stepping down, but I must say I am damn well proud of Lardy. He is mature, thoughtful, impartial, present and smart. I can't imagine what made him take on the position but he did and I am very thankful for it. Big props to you, Lardy, and a well formulated response on wicked's profile. Keep it up!
  9. Neutral. I know tyman from net4all but I also know how net4all works and sadly any admin experience from that server is irrelevant. Things are different and more serious here on nide I would say. Tyman is a good player and I am happy you wish to join nide. Keep playing, try to figure out how administrating on nide works and good luck!
  10. No I agree with you on all of this. He is not a troller and he is very active. It's really more his approach to things which bothers me. I personally would not object to him receiving a chance. After all, that's the only way we'll ever know. People change when they become admin. Even Fierce has changed a little bit (surprisingly).
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