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Locked again next Nivinski


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07-09-19 23:20

another stupid admin who can not determine the player from the cheater

await the reason on which you banned me (proof program and anything)

still no admin has not provided proof

p.s-aren't you tired of crying and crying all the time?

this applies to: BATATATA,Chekster

Nvinski you next?

I'm waiting------->Nvinski  


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  • Server Admin

I'm not Nivinski, but the ban was an agreement of 80% of the admins (only 1 was against, the other were neutral), so i can answer for him. 

You have been banned for using console commands that i didn't even know they existed (and still don't know what are they exactly) that gives you a LOT of advantage in knifing, compared to other players, on knife_fun or other knife map related. So the question is not about cheating anymore, because it was already "proved" (even though not 100%) that you were not using any pure cheat. But we are considering what you are doing with those Steam commands in console as a game exploit or cheat that makes you almost invincible at every knife duel, so therefore we're not allowing players to use that in the server anymore. It's about being fair to other players that don't know the commands, if you don't understand that, you're just a trash person.

So we got 3 options for you:

1) You stop using those commands, but you don't tell us what you were using ---> Unbanned.

2) You stop using those commands, you tell us what you were using EXACTLY in console to make you knife like that and then we force people to use all the normal values of those commands in every map related to knifing -----> Best option, Unbanned + days of VIP as compensation.

3) You keep using them and ignoring admins. -----> Ban for 1 month next time we see you doing 10 km knives in a row.

Judging by your personality, i guess you will choose the last one, because guess what, you're the leader of SOLO clan, you like to have the advantages only for yourself. Now it's not my time to prove things. It's your time to prove that i'm wrong and you're a fair person.

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Using commands for having advantage. Commands. But banned for "HACKS".

If you banning for commands, which are allowed to use by Valve (and allowed to use without sv_cheats 1), YOU breaking rules of server, not Rin.

Commands are:
sv_updaterate 0
sv_interp 0.000000000000001

There are not exploit, if they could be exploit, they must be fixed. But it's still usable since 2004.

You can't argue that as cheat. 

"almost invincible at every knife duel" - so well if you knifing for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs.
If you bhopping for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs.

If you playing public for many many years - you may be almost invincible, for noobs.

Do you understand what I mean?

Well, if you argue that as cheat, that give advantage - let's restrict bhop commands, because it gives huge advantage against people, who can't bhop. It's fully the same, as for Rin, who using 2 commands to remove animation of models (updaterate) and lower lerp value (~0ms vs 100 ms). 

Let's ban people, who lowering graphic settings to lower than possible, because it can be argued as cheat, which boosting fps insanely (huge fps is advantage, too).

If you NEVER had experience to play on knife servers, just stop cry because you are bad, and play harder.

You banned him before for cheats like knifebot, now you banning him for legit commands. Bellisimo, stop envy and scream like kids, and train yourself. NiDE never had played knifefun, so there are 99% of noobs.

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