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Locked Batatata and inflation again ...


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1: Negromeistro
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3: Batatatata
4: ZE
5: ze_surf_vortex
6: like 22:40 24/07
7: I was trying a trick (https://imgur.com/a/H2SYqxF) and failed as usually. I did not intend to inflate at all ... I have been trying that trick dozens of times, and I have almost all times after failing managed to escape or pass the zombies, but this time I somehow failed, so I was banned for inflation for 2 days. 
8: Proof: Demos. I have also linked another demo where I tried this trick and escaped afterward with ease.

https://ufile.io/gbizu8fp  check tick 57000 

https://ufile.io/9odmudzf check tick 6000, another case where I tried the trick, but I escaped afterward. Here it is clearly shown that my intention is not to inflate but to complete that trick.  



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You just play without caring if you will die or not. Then you turn yourself into beast mode and tryhard like it was your last day playing computer, trying to kill the humans. If you had that fairplay you mentioned on your other report, then you would go spec after that.

The ban was well deserved in my opinion, we already had this conversation in the previous report.

Enough said for me.

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Try to look into the demo where I am playing with my friend Voss. Check tick 52k. Does that look like I'm playing without caring??? I'm trying really hard at the very end as CT because it's actually really difficult and CT is getting overwhelmed by zombies at that point.  

I have gone to spec many times when I do these plays ... I think you have noticed that before too ... So all kind of risky play is forbidden, okay ... You guys should change the rules then I think so it includes risky play and not just inflation. 

It is also worth noticing that CT had already won the map ... So like it was a big deal anyway.

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Tbh lets say that you did what you did negreo, I did not check the demo cause I get weird errors when i jump to ticks. But you are known for inflating, and you even told me that you sometimes do that. 
So Maybe a unban request would be more correct? 

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