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Locked RubyRose inability to address the situation.


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1: Maso
2: STEAM_0:1:235157954
3: RubyRose
5: ze_ffvii_malgo_reactor_css2
6: 13/04/22

7: On malgo reactor I take heal after seeing creepy dropping it multiple times, suggesting that someone want it to be taken. I take it and decide to use to heal the team as boss fight was approaching. UnKnowning to me, as it was my first playthrough, that this map was a remake of makov6 and not makov5. I was level 2 I think, and people only healed to 115. I think to myself, simple mistake, and it would be ready if baha cast ulti. But before I could even get to the boss room. I was banned with the reason "troller" for 1 week. WTF. A 1 week ban for a simple mistake? Wtf ruby. If my memory is correct, when I used heal, no one died? that doesnt sound to bad? Well, not in ruby's eyes. 1 week ban. And guess what happened the round before? Life is Bitch used heal, dropped from the platform and died. Other admins response to him dying: "Don't worry everyone was healed" "Nothing of value was lost" Great stuff.

Post-ban, I pinged ruby in discord for a responce. and the answer i recieved was "it will be reduced, but nothing lower than 1 day." That really helped answer my question XD. And then big man harrage arrived on the seen and tried to act like he would helped. firstly stfu harraga u sit around all day and play ze. you are supposedly thirty seven and it doesn't even seem like u work. Instead of asking other admin or ruby about what happened. you go "harr harr why u complain harr u die everytime harr harr pomme de terre harr harr stfu before i ban harr harr apoligise and i will unban harr harr" talk 2 me whenever u go outside.

but back 2 what i was saying. There are notorious trolls who plague the server and are still around. Knifers, materia trollers, micspammers. they troll every session and yet there are no consequences. someone i will not name from last night knife or something on mako. and 1 day eban. His previous eban history: 2 full pages of ebans. his ban history; 8 bans. and I didnt even kill anyone! and still 1 week ban. when will admin abuse be sorted out.

8: Proof

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  • Event Manager

Hello, thank you for the report.

I changed the ban from 1 week to 1 day and unbanned you.
I understand it was your first time playing the map but i would suggest when you take any item to ask more informations about it, i'm sure someone will answer.
Also one of the reasons for the long ban was your ban history for trolling by inflating.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Case Closed!

Best regards.

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