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  1. RuD

    i know you already from 2017 xD from oldsource haha, that was a good times
  2. RuD

    Sausage mad coz bad
  3. RuD

    @Anwar, Good luck dude, one of the fairest admins in
  4. RuD

  5. RuD

    Let' s see what @Batata Says, since he is the guy who gave gagaga perma ban.
  6. RuD

    Anwar, ofc he did it, he was mad because he got ban for nothing. You would do the same, if you would get banned for nothing.
  7. RuD

    GaGaGa maybe hacked in unloze, but not in NiDe.
  8. RuD

    NiDe is not unloze. NiDe should not look in Unloze bans. NiDe have their own servers, they have to look into their own servers not in unloze servers.
  9. RuD

    Hello NiDe community, I'm not playing ze anymore, but i know everything what happened last months, i want to talk about GaGaGa's ban. @Batata, i hope you read this and answer. Everyone of us are humans, and everyone can do misstakes, same happened with GaGaGa. Currently he is banned from NiDe and unloze for using "lazer hack". I've talked with him about this, he told me, he wanted to try what is lazer hack, but it's went too far... he wasnt able to stop. He did misstake with trying "What is lazerhack", but remember, GaGaGa is also human, like all of us. Everyone can do misstake. I can imagine how bad he feels after these bans, so i want to help him somehow, thats why im making this post. Perma ban is too much for this player. GaGaGa is very popular person in zombie escape (not noname guy with lazerhack) , he is good player, he was esk memeber, which make's him a bit more popular, and just permabanning for 1 misstake , in my opinion is too much. Dont you think soo @Batata? This ban in my opinion should be reduced to like 1 month. Cuz i already told you, gagaga is old and experienced guy in ze. Not a random. Maybe we can discuss and resolve everything Fairly?
  10. RuD

    It's too much, its zombie escape server, not nemesis mode
  11. @ShadowCreepy Stop making posts like that, batata dont like v7, so v7 will not be in server.
  12. RuD

    1: Your own ingame name Rud2: Your own steam-ID Not needed3: Name of the admin(s) involved Akadir4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map ze_sorrento_escape6: Time and date 02:50 31/05/2020 GMT +37: Explain the situation I were alone, i had chances to win ( with failnades) but admin slayed me.8: Proof Check demos
  13. RuD

    I'm sorry i didnt deny wael's first line about me crashing , that was a "Jokes" , but about vip, it's serious.
  14. RuD

    Shadow's event