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  1. RuD

    1: Your own ingame name Rud2: Your own steam-ID Not needed3: Name of the admin(s) involved Akadir4: What server did it happen on ZE5: What map ze_sorrento_escape6: Time and date 02:50 31/05/2020 GMT +37: Explain the situation I were alone, i had chances to win ( with failnades) but admin slayed me.8: Proof Check demos
  2. RuD

    I'm sorry i didnt deny wael's first line about me crashing , that was a "Jokes" , but about vip, it's serious.
  3. RuD

    Shadow's event
  4. RuD

    And also ebanned me for using "Troll push" even tho there was more zombies, ice, hedge and other items down, it was 100% over.
  5. RuD

    Lmntrix provocated wael, Lmntrix by admin abuse changed wael's tag to I'm f*cking gay, after that wael raged and said something like lmntrix ur retard, after what lmntrix just kicked wael, in my opinion that's provocating.
  6. RuD

    +1 BOLBOL
  7. RuD

  8. RuD

    You should use 90 for no crashes.
  9. RuD

    I have crashes in it if i'm using dxlvl 80, maybe you too use it?
  10. RuD

    Verify your game files, if still crashing, reinstall game
  11. RuD

    Good Luck! Even tho i'm not nide admin or something, +1 from me, i know him long time.
  12. RuD

    Hey ShadowCreepy!
  13. RuD

    antartika oooo, not easy map, atleast without rebuys its not easy.