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Locked Ruby Rose Several Abuses


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Admin Name : Ruby Rose

His Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:611858052
What Map : ze_knife_fun_fix_v1 / ze_blackmesa_escape_final
6: Time and date : 4/20/2022
7: Explain the situation : in knife fun : he kept removing knives from cts and giving them only p90 for several rounds leaving all humans getting slaughtered by zombies which ruin the base fun of this map i'm sure he did this due to the map being extended and force players to get bored and write rtv, then he finished the last round with boring gravity round in a very tight map
in blackmesa_escape_final he kept removing players nominations 1 second before the vote starts which is what trollers usually do to prevent some maps from being nominated and seeing this from admin just make me speechless & he is teleporting players that are not stuck
8: Proof : only demo and logs are the proof

I can tell this admin is behaving like a troll which is not a suitable behavior for an admin this is not only his server to do whatever he wants, we players have the right to nominate and vote whatever map we want to play he doesn't have the right to remove a nomination because he don't like the map or the previous versions been played for 10 minutes we have big same maps aka FF being played for 6/7 hours straight and i dont see them complain but when small short ( 10 minutes ) map get voted 3 times in a row Its a big problem.

this what he comment about his abuses : idc i abuse today. / if put sh*t maps i abuse. / this is what i do for relaxing... / ni**ers do same maps i swear. / just let me abuse.

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  • Server Admin

hello there, thanks for taking your time with this report.


none of what u were talking about was an abuse of power, for each action i have put a prior vote for it, as most things we do. all the votes were in high positive and it was not for "force players to rtv" but to have little bit more fun, i do these kind if things on many maps such as knife fun, rooftop and few other nemesis maps to spice it up IF the votes are highly in the  positive.


chat logs mean nothing, they are out of context as all of them i was talking to jake, we joke around alot, in Many ways.


as for the nomination one, indeed it was, the map "atix" was played just a moment ago twice, and was just not looking forward for the same map as there are over 300 maps u can choose from instead. (which it won the next vote btw)



i am sorry if my actions were negative in any way, i will try to reduce such "abuse" in the future.


and please in term of proof u gotta add screen shot/vids to back your claim

Edited by RubyRose
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Hello there. Let me explain from my view about this report.

In knife_fun he didn't get enough % of players vote to do such an action ,in this case removing knives. I would get mad too,it's knife_fun after all,not gun_fun.

Also malgo vote was unsucsessful but malgo was still added,I guess FF mentality never changes,you crave it like a heroin.

In black_mesa a map was removed indeed in the last second and the player brought by Ruby wasn't exactly "stuck",in this case it's fine to send him to spawn not to the end.

All in all he did votes for everything,which is acceptable,but still some players weren't exactly happy. Try to reduce the "fun" votes and there is no problem to do low gravity on some boat escape and etc,knife fun isn't exactly the perfect map for it.

Nothing more to say here,thanks for the report.

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  • Event Manager

Hello, thanks for the report.

I read everything that's been said here and i will talk with RubyRose to reduce this type of "fun modes" in some maps. Which would not be necessary since he said that he would stop doing a lot of "fun modes" from now on.
Usually when Lardy, Batata or me does this type of things in "chill maps" there are no problems what so ever.

Case closed!

Best regards.

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