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The Intro-ducktion


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Hey guys, hope you guys are doing good. Its been a while since I've first played on this server and i think its time to introduce myself.
As you can see, my gaming name is PanTheR but you can call me Rem or Rema as thats my real nick name. I had regularly played zombie escape back in 2014-15 in the server called EUFRAG (awesome server lol) and i had experienced many fun times there. After the server became empty and there were no more players or ze servers anymore to play with, I stopped playing zombie escapes for a long time and I didnt even know this server existed until the late 2020. Playing more and more in this server has helped me relive so many memories that I had back in EUFRAG server and that makes me want to say thank you for that. I hope that i get to know more and more of this server and its players and establish more friendly connections, until then goodluck and gg's everyone 😄

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Welcome to Nude! the server is very fun, probably more fun than a server called "EUFART" (who chose that name anyway)

Remember, never trust the user "Striiker" he is real life assassin serial murder.

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