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  1. +1, let's see what can you do mate!
  2. I don't think we're allowed to unban you if you advertised several times. But, if you have any evidence that can prove us wrong you'll be unbanned.
  3. England 2-1 hehe
  4. Any thoughts about euro 2020/21? What do ya'll think? Who'll win? Honestly, I think England will take over the Euro 2021.
  5. Send one cookie. Addres: Македонија, Куманово, Јане Сандански улица бр. 1, Куќа број 61
  6. Holy sh... A lot of essays down here.
  7. haven't seen you in-game yet, but +1 for you, good luck.
  8. you seem to be obsessed with him
  9. High

    ping problem

    Maybe because the server host is located in a whole another Country.
  10. High

    fps problem

    fixed. all i had to do is reinstall the game and enable the Multicore Rendering
  11. High

    fps problem

    just tried this, i cant see any of the map textures and the fps is still bad
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