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NiDE Community Event #1 - CRAB GAME!


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NiDE Community Event #1 - CRAB GAME!

Date: 16/07/2022 - 5 PM (17:00) GMT +2

We will be playing a game called "Crab Game" which can be found in the steam shop (The game is free to play).

The event will be containing a lot of rewards such as personal skins or vip. The reward can only be claimed to 1 of our servers in our network.

Event information:
- We will be playing 10 rounds in total.
- Everyone will be able to join.
- If you win the same reward twice the VIP will be extended or if a personal skin is won twice you can ether choice a zombie or human skin.
- If no one wins the round will be replayed.
- Max 40 players in a lobby - if we reach max players in a lobby after round end the party will be disbanded and that gives a larger chance for everyone to participate in the event.

Extra info
- To recieve your reward you must contact 
Hobbitten#8693 on discord with a screenshot of the win of yours - With the screenshot must also follow a steamid.
- If you have questions regarding this community event. Feel free to contact 
Hobbitten#8693 on discord.
- Skin websites that we suggest using "
Gamearmy" "Gamebanana" "Gun-Game".

Quick game information:
- Crab Game is a battlegrounds game which means you will have to survive/kill the other players until your the last man standing.
- Most of the game modes are recreated from the netflix serie called "squid game".
- All the gamemodes are explained by the game itself before the round begins.

-  First 6 winners will recieve 30 days of vip.
- The last 4 winners will recieve a personal skin of their choice (Must be a server side skin).

Connect information:
- Lobby codes will be sent in our "#announcements" channel in our discord server.

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11 hours ago, Hobbitten said:

Well thats good we have private lobby 🙂 

and what about the broken modes  and even lobby is somehow bugged for lagger people like me

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34 minutes ago, MMRandy said:

and what about the broken modes  and even lobby is somehow bugged for lagger people like me


The game may be buggy as you claim it to be, but it's the first community event so people are doing this for the first time, so the management will know if they can keep up with this or not. If somehow the game becomes glitchy to the others, they would most probably be compensated with vip or something like this in the css ze server, but I doubt the game will be that glitchy to everyone.
If most players do feel concerned about this situation, they can talk with Hobbitten. For now, let's keep this thread with the announcement only, so players would know what's about.

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The game modes are not bugged, we used to play alot on unloze with 40 player and I don't remember anyone saying they were broken. Its also not the server's fault that some player will be laggy. If you can play on ZE server fine with your lags, then you can play fine on crab game aswell. And if there are cheaters you can just ban them from your lobby

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If the host doesnt have "good enough internet" the game may appear laggy and buggy for others however i recently got my internet upgraded therefore I should be able to handle it and so no one have lags "hopefully" and if this is the case we will try to figure something out at some point after the event.

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