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Locked Candidature admin TezcaT


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1. Simon . 21 years .

2. TezcaT#0306 (Discord) 

3. STEAM_0:1:181637627 

4. I play css very long time . 9years

5. I play in serv every day

6. First of all excuse me I use a translator. I think I have all the qualities to take the post of Admin . In the first time I would enforce the rules to all on the server is the respect of the player between them it is really the most important and also pay attention to the quality of game of the server.

7. I like to have responsibilities more I had 1 month of experience with the donation admin. 

8. Having responsibilities is something I really like, and I have already had experience with the donation admin

9.  I will resume the studies but I will be there every day on the server 

10. First I would go and observe if he really uses an Aimbot and if this is the case I ban him 1 week, and I would see with the Leader of the server what sanction he will have

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  • Server Admin

Hello Tezcat 👋,


I'll talk frankly about you first. Yes, you play a lot in the server and are bound by server laws. I didn't see you breaking server laws all the time with your (donated admin). You are a very kind and funny guy, so there is hope in you. You deserve a chance.

soo take (1+) from me And Good Luck bro ^^


Regards 🌹.

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