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My thoughts on NiDE server.


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Well just wanted to share my thoughts for this server and what this server means to me...

So my name is Prasad and I've been playing on this server for about 2 months i guess.. but I've been playing css zm mod for about a year now (Once in a while) on PAPY APEROS (lol)

Since i started playing on this server its been fun and made few friends too... But most importantly this server means a lot to me.. like I've never cared about any game or server before and stuff and just played when bored. But this server is really a stress buster for me. No matter what sh*t is going on in my life or how bad the situation is.. when i start playing here i just forget about all the crap in life and feel happy and relaxed. Its like if i have this server i don't need anything else to feel better... and i know for sure that this is not a temporary feeling.

As you guys might have noticed when i was banned for 3 days for using bhop even spending the first day was miserable.. and then i found about this website and requested for unban appeal. I've learned my lesson for that and will never do such stupidity again lol.

I just hope this server stays alive always and i'll do what i could from my side to keep it alive and be there for its good whenever I can. Call me a noob or whatever i don't care.. but i really felt like sharing this. People on this server are friendly and helpful (Except few idiots which are everywhere na?:classic_biggrin:).

That's all for now ?

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You are right, i haven't met a server like Nide servers,  nide is different nide really give me helpful to complete playing css, thanks ingame about your servers, and thanks to ire for developing ZR thanks so much.

The server was having problems and we called the server the retired 

But, the server was getting better in the first 1 month and the second, me and ire tried to find ways to fix these problems, we fixed 1 problem (Game commencing) then ire fixed the another problem (Crash, it crashed everytime, but now its ok the server is crashing until now but not always)  

After the server has been fixed from all problems, inGame decided to add more bots that will help the server and stay it alive, thanks to ingame for that a lot, Thanks Thanks, to ire too, to all players who supported nide and who played NiDE, Love you all

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We are glad to hear you have been enjoying your stay here,and that the server became something similar  to a `home` for you.You have done nothing wrong by sharing these with the community.We want to make sure our players enjoy their stay here,and it doesnt hurt to hear that someone is enjoying their stay.

Thank you for your suport,concern towards the server`s well being and lifespan.I know we will try to make it a long and great journey.

If you need help,dont hesitate to ask.I know many of us will try our best to help you.

People call each other things,or least trash talk to have fun,or laugh a bit.But the  real problem doesnt come from the words etc,it comes from not knowing wheter that person is being serious or not,you can never know especually as we are all miles away,sitting behind screens.Even I trash talk sometimes,I could be joking and someone takes it bluntly and then bam a grudge is created.Usually the best way to play this is to just play along,take it all as a joke ,if there is hate try and fix it  in a calm and reasonable manner.If its no use,I prefer to block and ignore their existence.(Cruel I know but you gotta push the wrong people out)

Anyhow,thank you for sharing your thoughts,support and concern for our server and community.

I hope you will keep enjoying your stay,and dont hesitate to ask for help or support from our fellow players or staff.

Good luck and  Have Fun

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