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  1. Afaik not all admins here understand this language.. it would be easy to understand if you could explain your problem in English
  2. Thanks for letting us know. Senior admins will look into it soon.
  3. Thanq ash for reading and guidance! It means alot
  4. Well just wanted to share my thoughts for this server and what this server means to me... So my name is Prasad and I've been playing on this server for about 2 months i guess.. but I've been playing css zm mod for about a year now (Once in a while) on PAPY APEROS (lol) Since i started playing on this server its been fun and made few friends too... But most importantly this server means a lot to me.. like I've never cared about any game or server before and stuff and just played when bored. But this server is really a stress buster for me. No matter what sh*t is going on in my life or how bad the situation is.. when i start playing here i just forget about all the crap in life and feel happy and relaxed. Its like if i have this server i don't need anything else to feel better... and i know for sure that this is not a temporary feeling. As you guys might have noticed when i was banned for 3 days for using bhop even spending the first day was miserable.. and then i found about this website and requested for unban appeal. I've learned my lesson for that and will never do such stupidity again lol. I just hope this server stays alive always and i'll do what i could from my side to keep it alive and be there for its good whenever I can. Call me a noob or whatever i don't care.. but i really felt like sharing this. People on this server are friendly and helpful (Except few idiots which are everywhere na?). That's all for now
  5. lol all good memories i could read here is pivo banned someone for something stupid
  6. Please check the servers... i tried connecting from different machines and different networks but i'm loosing connection every now and then with the zombie revival server.. i'm connecting from india. Sometimes it says try later or when connected the connection drops
  7. i need to know all the features of having vip or admin before i buy it.. please can anyone help me with this?
  8. Hey admin, i got banned because used the bhop script.. but I really wanted to bring up my game asap and I thought this would a good way because i have very less time left for getting back to my work life again.. also when i was asking all day to people in the game everybody suggested me to google how to use bhop and when i did i got banned.. I thought it’ll completely fine to use it because it was not like the aimbot.. but I accept my mistake.. and I promise i wont use it here after.. please unban me from the server @ABAPer @ire @Killik @Niiarks @aF! mohamed. @Senorita @LowParty
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