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Locked Rushaway being stupid


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1: Maso
2: STEAM_0:1:235157954
3: Rushaway
4: css ze
5: minas tirith v3
6: 23/12/2022 15:55 UK time
7: There is massive trim before the wall breaks and there is gandalf horse armour and WK and a couple other ct left alive, but it was obviously not winnable. I start asking rex to slay and i didnt bother asking rushaway first becus he is always AFK on the server (which is pointless to do, we cant calladmin when admins on server even though they are afk). Then when rex doesnt respond I check for other admins and I see that the only other admin was rushaway so I ask him for slay a couple times then i call him a retard for not saying anything then he says stuff like "dont complain about dont slay if i slay and they might win" which is bullsh*t they had no chance of winning. Dalf then dies and I ask for slay but rushaway still say no. Then WK die and i ask for slay and he still say no. Then it is only backup - he had no item - and the chinese who had armour but it wouldnt have been possible. Armour dies and we have to wait 20 seconds before he slays. turns out he was just extending without vote (which some admin get demoted for, and we had admin extended a couple times already i think) and doesnt slay, even though we had been waiting almost 2 minutes for slay and there still 1 minute left of the map when he could've slayed. I told him he was a retard and to kys becus he being retarded. I dont even play on this server often but this is just retarded. 
8: today's minas session. 

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Rex was afk, that why I handle it.
When you start crying for slay, few items was still alive and humans can win. (timeleft around 4 or 3 min)
I choose to don't slay to let them a chance to win.
I added 5 min to timeleft (let them a chance to win, and ppl who ask for slay will have another round if humans dies)
Few items dies. (timeleft around 2min30)
I make a vote if we should slay. (Vote successful. Received 67% of 46 votes, for yes.)
I sent a message in admin chat to know if we should slay. No response (Rex still afk)
Armor was still alive. I let him a chance to win, he was at the stair to reach the top of minas.
Then he die. I quickly spec the last CT. He was on the balcony at the spawn.
And i slayed him for using map glitch.

Here's some chat logs.

Makonian Maso : rushaway are u retarded?
Makonian Maso : slay them
*SPEC* french .Rushaway : Maso learn repesct or i will help u
Makonian Maso : this is retarded
Makonian Maso : they wont win
Makonian Maso : slay u fucking retard
Makonian Maso : slay rushaway
[SM] Slayed backup.
Makonian Maso : fucking nigger admin delaying
[SourceComms++] Issued an extended gag on Maso for 15 minutes (reason: Disrespect).

This is funny to see you come here to complain when you are not in a position to do it.

Edited by .Rushaway
more details
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