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Locked Singleton Abuse


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1: Your own ingame name : falldi
2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:1:228430711
3: Name of the admin(s) involved : Singleton
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: What map : ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy
6: Time and date :  30.01.2023 @ 12:27
7: Explain the situation : singleton extended mountain escape two times with the map already left with 0 extends means players already extended the map there was no need for another 30 minutes + he also slayed me when i could solo with the helicopter calling it glitch
8: Proof : demo

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Yoshmia, my apologies for the premature lock on this thread without addressing the extending of the map.  


Upon further review, the extends were indeed abuse.  This is not acceptable behavior from the donated admin and we will take this opportunity to discuss this with Singleton in order to educate him both on the situation and the rules pertaining to it.  Thank you for your report.

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