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Locked Life is a bitch abuse x2 repost


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1: In game name: Creepy
2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:0187018106
3: Name of the admin(s) involved Life is a bitch
4: What server did it happen: On ZE but i wasnt online cuz it was offline mute, but yesterday i was telling people with other guy to rtv cosmo and wester and i didnt got mute...it happen around 3pm GMT maybe or 2 PM....
5: What map It didnt happen on map becuase it was offline mute
6: Time and date yesterday idk what time exactly he gave me mute...so i cant help with that

the mute happened at 20/03/2023 but what time i dont know.
7: Explain the situation: He basically muted me because he decided to say that i killed the server by telling people to rtv the map which is bullsh*t because its people choice to listen to me or not, second of all you say i acted bad since sunday and yet there was no complains from other players, if you count that i brought fierce because he said he set extreme stage but he didnt cuz he thought it be funny and i couldnt set it my self cuz idk whos idea it was to remove admin room access from donated admins, anyway after we won stage 1 on wester v8 but zombie got knifed by bomec after lasers and you still decided to be persistent and waste time on wester and ultimately killed server because of what u did so YOU should be demoted instead, and many players said to change to extreme cuz we won and because of one guy who trolled you decided to keep playing stage 1 despite it being beaten, other servers would set extreme to let us enjoy the map and keep server alive but you say "nooooo we keep playing stage 1 i am admin i know better server wont die!!!!". Second of all yesterday its not my fault server was dead, its players choice to stay on server or not, we are not their sugar daddy or family members that they have to stay with us, its players free will, unloze is also dead most of time and no one cry about it, sometimes its very alive and they play the maps like we did yesterday all the time, no FF at all. Another thing is that you abuse your power too much life, 1 month mute and gag because i told people to rtv the map for better one, such as boatescape or doorhug. So you guys gonna ban people and mute them for telling others to change the map or what? its people choice, its like you are chinese government and you ban saying specific stuff like "f*ck china f*ck china communist party" and sh*t, but we are not gooks we are in europe so stop behaving like communist at this point, and start acting more mature because im trying to play some maps i want and asked people to rtv, and it was their choice to listen or not. You might as well mute and gag other people too because they did it. And stop telling admins to witch hunt me on server because you guys wont even catch me, because i know you guys planned to ban me for one day next time i join to mako today, you think i wouldnt know?
8: Proof: Cant get any cuz it didnt necessarily happen when i was on server....

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Please take these reports seriously, or else we aren't going to treat them seriously.

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