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Locked Demote Admin Deepn


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1: Your own ingame name: SA (at the time of the problem)
2: Your own steam-ID: [STEAM_0:0:18626487]
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Deepn
4: What server did it happen on: Nide ZE server
5: What map: Westersand_v8
6: Time and date : 29/03/2023, around 8 p.m server time.

7: Explain the situation : We were at the last stage of westersand, the admin deepn took the water item at the start of the round (I didn't look who had the item so I didn't know it was him), then threw it on the ground to take the holy item, no one could pick up the water so the item was lost . So I told to the admin Harraga to eban the retard who lost the item. Deepn saw my message, so he started to get angry and insulted, a heated discussion ensued. Just before the last boss he ejected me from the server, he must not have controlled his frustration well (I specify that I was still alive). If he wanted to silence me, a simple chat mute with a warning message would have sufficed.

I also specify that 2-3 days ago he went after the player : PVT. bagoly477 Diesel Power! , by insulting him, renaming him and slaying him when he was alive, and by ejecting in a loop another player whose name I don't remember, during sessions on cosmo_canyon_v5.

This behavior he has had for the past few days is simply unacceptable for an admin. He must understand that he is no longer a child, that he must discipline himself, to stop insulting everyone and above all to stop abusing his powers as admins.

8: Proof spacer.png

I take the screen when he kiked me, u can see, in addition, he is racist and homophobic.

For the Proof u have ur logs server, and at that time there were several admins connected, Harraga, Boten, Sayten, if they are at least honest, they will tell you that everything I have just said is true.

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