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Locked Rushaway big eban abuse aka being karen and crying for one troll


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 In game name: Creepy
2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:0187018106
3: Name of the admin(s) involved Rushaway
4: What server did it happen: On ZE .
5: What map cosmo v5
6: Time and date 2/6/2023 around 2PM 
7: Explain the situation: I trolled with earth on cosmo v5, and i got eban 2 weeks and it was too much, despite me my self not even trolling frequently, only from time to time, and i got changed the duration to permanently because Rushaway is basically witch hunting me for no reason obviously, and if its good mentality of admin by giving reason: You win the award of most toxic Karen

Like what kind of bullsh*t is this, not only he dont play on server, dont do anything for it, but also witch hunting me for no reason, especially that i dont even troll frequently like others. Might as well eban all trollers permanently because they troll frequently. If you guys think that the perma eban is good then u wrong, cuz i have maybe like maximum 10 eban maybe 15 and rest are actually joke ebans, whoever played at 2020 will know 


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  • Developer

Don't be mad and start act like a mature guy. 
Holiday for everyone with this. It will be revoked when you grow up. 

You only come for troll and brings your retards with you.
You can be happy, if It was only me you will be kbanned aswell.

Day without Creepy report : 0.

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  • Management

This eban punishment has not been decided by Rushaway. But the whole lsa team and I. Because you have been trolling on and off like an actual monkey there is no natural way to say this creepy but you have been acting immature for a long time doing what you want and causing damage only when this map has been played.

So as Rushaway said, once you have matured more and can actually start playing the game instead of trolling and causing damage to players it will be revoked. Not to speak about the fact you also have been removed many times for having donated admin where it has been revoked because of admin abuse.

In fact, Rushaway does more to this community / server than you will ever do

Also to note at last you are constantly abusing "steamid - pending" to avoid your punishments like Eban, kban, mute, gag etc so no you haven't really spent that time away from the server as the punishment should have been given to you.

To sum up, your eban will be removed once we feel like you have matured and that we can insure you won't join as you do to avoid punishments and to troll "hard" as you do.

Report closed.

If you want to talk about it feel free to send me a private message.

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