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Закрыто Anwar's Admin Application

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1: Your name: Anwar
2: steam id :   STEAM_0:0:10106463922
3:What server you wish to administrate :zombie escape server
4:Previous experience : i know the admin's rules and what have adimns to do i have playing for long time
5:Reason for applying: make the game and the server moving appropriately. punishing who deserve that .
 do what it seemes the better thing .
6:ther things that we might need to know about you  :
 i am 24 years old i am actually no steam player yes i have a steam account but i just didnt buy the css game 
 but i have feeling that i can apply for admin .
 i  am available at server at least 6 hrs per day i speaks English good .
Изменено пользователем Anwar
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@Anwar thanks for applying on our Server :)

i will talk with batat about your Application, decision will be made in few hours till few days :)

Still i wish you a good time at nide :)

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Dear Anwar,

We could not consider your application for several reasons.

But we still wish you a lot of fun on our server and always stay positive, maybe it will be better next time.

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