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Locked Can finally somebody fix nide admins? sh*tchair abusing


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1: Your own ingame name Rud
2: Your own steam-ID Not needed
3: Name of the admin(s) involved En chair et en sh*t 
4: What server did it happen on ZOMBIE ESCAPE
5: What map  Westersandv8 zeta 1
6: Time and date 2020/01/15 15:55 Moscow time
7: Explain the situation Round Before i got banned, mivec was going to lazers with yektima, he got ebanned and he's item got transfered before lazers , ok , next round im going to lazers with holy (FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE) i did it yes, round was lost, i understood yes, i will get eban , like for 1-24 hours , I GOT BANNED? WTF? i'm doing those troll sh*ts first time and getting banned already? what the f*ck is this admin?
8: Proof Check demos

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Maybe you can be a bit more smarter and do it in msay? because there was 64/64 people and chat were going too fast

And im playing not f*cking reading chat.

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It's time stop your bullsh*t.
You wanted to do anything to make sure everyone looked at you and talked about you, you were punished for that.
Mivec the round just before trolled and get eban, when he do that whe say in chat, msay, and vocal next troll is punished.
When the boss was finish, i told u like 3 time ban incoming if u do this.

U do this and purpose, nice you listen what "Fierceg" say's but you have ur ban.

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  • Server Admin

Nothing to say about this. All the decisions were correct.

Rud, you better than anyone should know that using holy/ultima during lasers is a dumb strategy that only has the purpose of team-killing people. Since it's a way of teamkilling, the action can be bannable. EN CHAIR was actually nice in just ebanning the first guy, because a direct ban would also be correct.

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