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Locked Hamoudatorsgg[Muslim And Proud] extend vote abuse


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6: 2020-01-15 20:00:02 - after extend in vote in 3:00 timeleft fail extend
7: hamoud spam 4 times extend vote after vote fail to extend. he keep make votes to extend even if they keep failing. please go demo and see.

thanks you and good day

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1st of all  i didn't say any bad words in the "post" ,2nd hold on a sec bruh,are u teaching me about racism right now and saying you love all??? :DDD well,everybody plz go check this dude's chat on nide.gg stats and go see what he is writing everyday... :DD he always writes racist and hate speeches like" kill all islam hatez" "kill all europeans" and many horrible things like that while he pretends to be a muslim when he is in reality an israeli,cuz no muslim will ever  dare to name himself "allah" (god) in any  game. even after all the hate speeches he writes in the chat... he still has the nerve to call me a racist only because i said "this israeli player"  well,what is someone from israel called then? it can only be  called an israeli in english, it's just a fact not an insult  if i said for exemple  "this pisrahelli player" then it should be an offense to you  but"this israeli player" is not so relax  + i only mentioned ur nationality because it's known for everybody that israelis hate muslims(especially arabs)+ u insulted me many times before i become an admin so i already know that u hate me  

ok it's time to talk about the important things now =),i already explained everything in my 1st reply but since u didn't understand i'm gonna clear everything out for the last time! i did 3 votes ur right about that but the 1st vote i wrote it in a wrong way so it doesn't count cuz it was released like this 1. extend 2. yes 3. no. i mean people could have voted for extend and yes in the same time  so we can forget about that stupid 1st vote cuz i messed it up so that 1st vote doesn't count and btw unlike what u said,even if 100% of the players voted for yes or extend in that messed up vote it wasn't going to extend anyways cuz it was only a vote to see if the players wanted to extend or not,it wasn't an actual extend vote!!!! this is the part that u couldn't understand i think. now let's go to the other 2 extend votes  cuz they are the votes that rly matters,since i messed up the 1st extend vote i made another one but this time properly to see if the players wanted an extend or not so the 2nd vote wasn't an actual extend vote too,it was only to see if the players want an extend vote or not(btw i think i should have went straight to the actual extend vote instead of making this additional one but it's too late now) and the answer was 50/50 so i made the 3rd vote which is the actual extend vote i mean i used !extend 10 command this time not just a vote and the vote couldn't reach 60%  so it failed but it was a tough vote tho tbh + i didn't even say 1 word on the micro in all the votes i made,i just let the players decide whatever they want cuz the players are the ones who asked me to extend in the 1st place,i mean many players were spamming extend plz,it's a good map ect... even though we had a nextmap and it's against the rules to extend a map when the players just wasted their 1st extend vote at 3:00, knowing that it's against the rules i told them no i can t extend sry it's against the rules despite the fact that i like that map too :c  but some players  kept spamming extend  so i felt sorry for them and remembered a rule about extend that says"Maps with stages: if people didn't vote for extend during the vote, then GENERALLY, you can't extend. But there are 2 exceptions: 1) the score is really looking good (4-0 on shroom or pirates, for example) and the team is capable of beating the map"  and i followed exception number 1 cuz i thought it suits our case,it didn t fit it 100% tbh cuz the players were still learning the map and we lost many rounds cuz of that but i noticed that the players were  learning quickly and improving every round so yeah u can say we had a good team  + when i said defend everybody were defending and none of them died solo like an idiot  + since there are many players that wanted an extend i thought that i should give this team a chance and that if we win lvl 2 i will extend but only on the condition that they win lvl 2  1st  cuz i thought if we win the ending of lvl 2 which is the hardest part of the map,the rest of the map will be very ez if they just listen to me and follow the leader and they did that very well in the previous lvls,so i decided to make an extend vote at the middle of lvl 2,cuz that way i wont abuse and force an extend without a vote when we win  at the end of the lvl,cuz  we wont have enough time to finish the extend vote that way... so i made the vote at the middle of lvl 2 and it was a tough vote but we couldn't reach 60% so i respected the players wishes and didn't force an extend even though we won lvl 2!!! + i was planning to forcertv if the vote succeeded and we lost lvl 2 +if i forced an extend after we won the lvl 2 and despite the players voting for no then it will be an abuse and a big breaking of the rules too  but since  i only did an extend vote  nothing rly happened so everybody calm down... .i mean i rly thought at that time that  this team could beat the map if they extended + ancient wrath is not like shroom or other many lvls maps,shroom has like 6/7 lvls but ancient has only 4 lvls so i thought  lvl 2 in ancient is like lvl 3 or 4 in shroom :DD +if the players will extend and if we win the end of lvl 2 we will only have 2 more lvls to go and that's not much tbh and could be done. well,that's what i was thinking at that moment and i only did it for the sake of the players,so now u guys know 100% why i done that and my complete part of the story,now u can judge me and advise me,not before hearing my complete part of the story,thx.

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Hi. My mistake. Not 4 votes by hamoud. 4 total (3 by hamoud, +1 at 3:00).

no need to racist first. I love all. I not say bad words in post and so you too need to. post is on extend vote abuse, not Israel or rules on me.


to what you say: there no such thing like “I wanted to see if players want extend so I make votes 100 times.” Check logs. 3 votes was made. All had a clear question. Had one of them won you would immediately extend.

1. had the main vote won in 3:00. It’d extend auto.

2. Had the vote you initiated won you would claim “no but it won” and extend and there will no be 2 more votes.

3. Had the 2nd vote you initiated won you would extend saying “this the real one” or I not care what.

we smart enough to see pattern. Why not make 100 votes and until 1 win say the last was “the real one that wasn’t written wrong”?




but I no judge. Put other admins to check.

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We have asked that all admins would be revised on the extension rules we have on our server, we also recognise that hamo is a trial admin and is doing the best he can. 

The point of a trial admin is to, wait hold up lemme check, it's (now dont be surprised) to learn. Hamo is really trying his best and for that, we are willing to stay with him provided he is willing to learn and change. 

In addition to compliance on our part, we would also like you to comply with changing your name. Let it be known, that if you don't it will show up with Bad_Name. 

Thanks for the report, but for now we will take limited action. 

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Hello and thanks for report.

Hamo, players vote for ze_shroomforest_v4_5, i know you try extend map for complete this map.
But if your first extend vote failed next time don't try make second etc extend votes, players won't play this map no need force them play it.

You should read rule about extend votes or next time serious action will be taken.


Topic closed.

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