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Switch Omisace v4 with Omisace v5 in public nomlist


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I don't understand why Omisace v4 is in public nomlist and v5 in admin nomlist, when admins are too stupid to understand that v4 kills server and isnt doable on css unless all the chinese players are on.

v4 is unbalanced (literally 3 maps in 1)

v4 kills server (happens every single time)

v4 has levels which can "gatekeep" ppl from joing late

if stubborn admins like harraga wants to "beat it" they should maybe nominate it for event.

Omisace is a map that is already rarely played because of autistic stalker kids

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Why are you talking as if it was me who made v4 public and v5 admin? I've even told you many times that the higher ups don't want us to insert v5 and play v4 more because this version is new on CSS. Is it too hard to understand?

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Its a new map and the reason why the old map is in adminnom is because we want to praise the work of the mapper. If you cannot understand that you should prob go make a map yourself and see it "flop" and spend 1 - 2 months of hard work. I would love to see that.

v5 will be back when v4 have had its time in nomlist.

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