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You need to copy the questions on this topic 

And paste them on your admin application topic, and of course you would need to answer them afterwards.

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You started playing on server just now based on gametracker and you already trying to become admin, it will be waste of time for you because:

1. You have no clue about this mode

2. You dont know any map

3. You cant tell if someone trolls or not 

4. Your English is not that good im assuming

There is many more points and factors i can list for you on why you wouldnt be good admin and why you dont fit at all, play at least for 6 months, and maybe then you can give it a shot to become an admin, if you would to be accepted still, you would regret applying this quick, because you wouldnt do your job properly, you would be confused and you wouldnt do anything about it, but only complain.

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