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Закрыто yumica kicked me with no reason

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1: Your own ingame name                      Paul Pogba(random name)
2: Your own steam-ID                            STEAM_0:1:554402073
3: Name of the player(s) involved         Yumica
4: Steam-ID of the player(s) involved   STEAM_1:0:53759021
5: What server did it happen on            Zombie Escape
6: What map                                           mako
7: Time and date                                    since 12.07.2023 @ 18:28 (ingame score was 3:4,at the beginning of this round)
8: Explain the situation                          This guy kicked me with no reason,I did nothing and he kicked me,after kicked server was full,I can not join at least 3 minutes.I wonder that why donated admin can abuse other players freely without thinking about the consequence?When I entered again,he conldn't even admit what he did.If server allow this I wanna do the samething-buy donated admin and keep abusing.



Изменено пользователем nia
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First you should have posted here : https://nide.gg/forums/forum/17-admin-abuse/
And second, your proof isn't really one.

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  • Event Manager

The fact that you have anime girls in the CSS background would be enough reason to kick you..

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  • Management
3 minutes ago, nia said:

so this is the answer?

Hi Nia
No an lsa will respond to your report and close it depending on the answer you recieve from the lsa team

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello nia,
Thank you for your report. After reviewing your report, we found that you were kicked for no reason, which falls under admin abuse.
The admin in question has had their donated admin removed.

Report closed

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